interconnect cable for dartzeel emmlabs


Anyone recommend a balanced cable between emm labs dcc2 preamp/dac and dartzeel amp. I just got the evolution acoustic mm2 speakers with powered woofer. I am using au24 speaker cable so that is possibility. I current have a great ic purist dominus but not sure its right match for this system.


Check out KCI Silkworms, fabulous IC's and John is easy to work with in terms of an audition period....
Hi Mike.

I have the Evolution Acoustics MM2's also. I previously had both the darTZeel amp and pre-amp. I also had the EMM Labs CDSA. When I owned the darT's of course I ran the pre-amp into the amp with the proprietary 50 OHM darTZeel interconnect. I originally ran the CD player into the pre-amp via a balanced Jena Labs interconnect. I later switched to a Stealth Indra with RCA termination. I found that the darT really came alive run single ended. I'm not talking about something even remotely subtle. While I realize your set up is different, I would strongly recommend running darTZeel equipment single ended. I would also recommend auditioning the Stealth cables. I use the Stealth Metacarbon with my current set up. You should probably consider the Evolution Acoustics single ended interconnect as well if you like a very full sound. Just my opinion.

P.S. - I love my MM2's!!!