Interconnect cable cuestion.

I am from Argentina. Would someone give a advice for an interconnect cable between Marantz sa11 s2 and Krel pre, another cable between krell pre and 633c valve amplifier?
I have speaker cable Audioquest Volcano. The pre Krell ksp7 b was modified and much more smoother and musical than origianl without loosing details. I tested 2 pairs of Purist audio Museaus and I liked very much stage image and very musical, but s lack of treble and silence between instruments. I want to buy a pair of aqueous and museaus combination or Acoustic zen silver reference II and Harmonic technology pro silway combination. What combination would you recommned?
I also have AQ volcanos( double biwire) and use the AQ Sky between CDP and pre and between pre and amp. I think the synergy with these together is a good combination, and benefits the Volcanos. The sum is greater than it's parts.
Your music prefferance is what should be the first consideration....I am using az silver ref 2 and hollow gram 2,got to try before you buy.It is so system ,music dependent.There is a big margin in every recording.