Interconnect cable

I was doing some long over due 'maintenance' my 2-channel system - OK, just cleaning and dusting the components. In the process I removed the various interconnects. Well, when I went to put everything back together, one of the interconnect cables was missing. I have no idea what happened to it - the house is small, I only moved the equipment out of the way into the next room while I was cleaning the equipment rack, but the cable is no where to be found.

Naturally, it would be one of my more expensive cables - a 1m Cardas Golden Cross. The other interconnects in the system are also Cardas - a pair of the Golden Cross and one of their less expensive interconnects whose name I don't remember. As I cannot replace the missing Cardas cable for financial reasons (even if they sold them separately, not as a pair) I will be using another pair of interconnects that I have on hand.

This is what I have available:

Magwires Ultra
Revelation Cable Echelon II
Audioquest G-Snake

I am using the Cardas cables as interconnects from my CD-player, an Audio Aero Prima, and from my turntable phono stage (Wright Sound audio tube amp) to a Mapletree Audio switch box; the cables I need to replace are from the switch box to my power amp, an Art Audio Carissa Signature.

I know very little about cables, other than the various arguments from "Cables make no difference, buy the cheapest you can find" to "Cables are what make or break a system, throw lots of money their way," lol.

Are any of the spare interconnects I listed a good match with the Cardas cables? Or, on the other hand, is one of them NOT recommended for this system? Does it even matter? (Not trying to start a flame war, just curious as to what others think.) Is there another brand I should consider (that is not absurdly over-priced) for a future purchase?


Try each cable and find out first hand. You can't do any harm with experimenting.
I am no help, but do feel better knowing I am not the only one who does such things. :^)
Sounds like you have a very nice system.
Cables disappearing like socks in a dryer now Holly???!!! C'mon now!! You say the house is small, now we both know the cable could not have just walked keep looking.
While you're at it, feel free to do as Brf suggests, and try the other 3 pair of interconnects that you have on hand. Cables are so dependent on personal tastes and system synergy that you are really the only one that will know what works well for you.

What, your dryer eats socks, too, John?!? lol Yes, I can't believe I can't find the darn cable, either. I have actually been doing some major cleaning in the last couple of months, found lots of hidden things - found some treasures and some unknowns, but the cable is still MIA! I will keep looking, but I am running out of rooms. I think someone broke in and stole it! :-P

As for trying each set of cables....DOH! Why I didn't think of that, I do not know. Too much of a habit of running to the Internet for help? Once I have my turntable running - somehow it won't work without a working cartridge - I will swap out cables and see which one I prefer.

Oh, I can't wait until I can stop fussing with the equipment and just sit back and listen to music!

If I had cables just totally go missing I'd either move out of that house ASP and let the monsters have it, or get on meds lol.

(that is seriously a little freaky that it's just gone though).
I would do the whole system in Morrow Audio Cables. Be prepared to A)not pay a lot B)experience an awesome change and a whole new world of sound. I have recommended these cables to my father and 3 of my older brothers,they all love them AND me for getting them to switch :-) One try and you will be listing all your Cardas cables on (really tho)
I don't think there are any monsters, Kacz, just a very absent minded woman, apparently. Things don't usually disappear around here. Really! I lay them down and find them months later. (Slight exaggeration.) I'm quite sure that it didn't fall into the trash, or that if it had I would have seen it (right?!?) so it has to be here somewhere, I just haven't found its hiding place as yet. :-p Kind of embarrassing though....

I hadn't heard of Morrow Audio cables before; read some positive reviews about them after reading your post. They sound like excellent cables! Can't buy any new cables right now, however - not even from Monoprice, lol - but I will keep them in mind for a possible future purchase. I do like the fact that they sell used cables, too; the burn in time seems rather lengthy (over 300 hours for the interconnects according to one reviewer) so maybe someone else will have already started the burn in process.