interconnect brand/model attributes????

does anyone know of a web site that can provide unbiased information on the sonic characteristics of different interconnects????
Try calling the Cable Company...they have a Lending Library and the guys who operate the phones are generally quite helpful in listening to you and helping steer you thru the maze of different cables. And again, you can use their library and trial a bunch in your home.
IMO it's unlikely an "unbiased" data base of the info you seek could ever be collated simply because a cable can sound variable with different components. Input impedance, sonic characteristics of speakers, cartridges, amps, etc. all alter one's perception of a wire's "sound." Since what one would consider a desirable cable is system dependent, Lloyd's answer is eminently sensible.
"Unbiased" opinion? Not a chance.
There are generalizations made such as cardas golden series are warm sounding, etc...

Understabding not all cables can be assesed on the same exact equipment, but, say two to three cables can be assesed by one individual with general characterisitcs noted.. If this could all be correlated into one site/location...

weeding through hundreds of gon pages---crazy
Well why don't you start out by telling people what your gear is, what cables you are currently using and then telling us what you think is missing. Are you looking for someting with more musicality or something with more resolution?

There is no site that has what you are asking for, just as there is no map the can tell you how to get from 'here' to 'there'. However, there are experienced people here who can help guide you, they just need to know where you are at presently and where you want to go.
Folks should start using Wikipedia and create pages..
Maybe eventually it all will settle down.. At least until cable naysayers' trash it...
There are cable naysayers?
Let me be the first to say nay to the cost of certain cables. There you have it a cable naysayer albeit cost related, not a functional nay.
We need to know info about your stereo and what you dont like about your cables to be of much help to you. Unbiased information that might be hard to find? Good Luck
I recommend, as I have in the past, just buying used cables on Agon, listening to them, and then flipping them until you arrive at one you really like. It's quite easy as cables are easy and cheap to ship. It worked for me quite well. However as John asked above system details would help at least steer you in an initial direction.
AMR cd-77 with AMR rca interconnects
Herron VTSP 1A pre connected to Mcormack DNA-1 with Gabriel gold Pasion RCA interconnects.

Alon II speakers with bi-wire Black orpheus wire

I don't have the AMR connected at this time, but currently use an Audio Aero Prima MKII cdp with the GG passions. Then I am using a pair of MAC Pallidiums to the amp. The sound with this set-up is great, but wonder if moving to different cables will I improve 3-d, and upper extenison on the high end? I have heard good things about Kubala sonsa, but are they a more expensive version of the GG line-up with same sound characteristics>?
I've heard the Kubala Sosna Emotion, they will give you more of a 3-D soundstage than the Gabriel (Rapture), but I think they will actually have less high end extension than the Gabriel. I haven't heard the MAC Pallidiums.

I don't know what your price range is, but the best interconnects I've heard as far as 3-D staging AND high end extension are the Stealth Indra or even the Metacarbon if the Indra is out of range.
so the kubala's are almost on par with gg rapture? price point i think the gg maybe considerably less than ks's emotion. i recently saw a pair of raptures sell for <200 pair..
Dvdgreco, I would say that tonally they are similar, the GG Rapture's may be slightly more extended in the high's and the K-S fuller in the bass. As far as soundstaging goes, the K-S had a deeper more 3 dimensional stage, more similar in this regard to Purist Audio Design cables.
In another thread concerning ridge street RCA cables you mentioned they are more forward in sound. If looking for::: If OTOH you are looking for vibrant tonal colors, musicality, bass weight, a deep 3-D soundstage or such, you may be better off looking elsewhere.... What cables should I look into for this type of presentation?

Can you supply a quick list?
Cardas, Purist Audio Design and Kubala-Sosna sound like what you are looking for if you are looking for more vibrant tonal colors, musicality, bass weight, a deep 3-D soundstage.
have you heard synergistic apex interconnects? some great reviews....