Interconnect between VTL tube pre and Bryston amp

I have a VTL 2.5 preamp and Bryston 3bst amp, linked with Cardas Cross. Tried a DH Labs Air Matrix and initially thought it improved alot, more detail. After putting the Cardas back in, I heard a more full bodied sound. What cable will give me more detail like the DH labs, but still sound full and musical as the Cardas?? Thanks for your time
Plant earth calling.

Cables can provide a sound of their own, they are certainly marketed for whatever that nuance is. But any 'sound' any component makes is distortion. And distracts from and corrupts the music being played (whatever the sonic quality of the given source material may be).

To characerize the various degree, and sonic quality of that particular distoriton is more sorcery than science.

I put $3000 worth of cables back on the market, donned a trench coat, shades, and a false beard, and stealthed my way into RadioShack to get some Megawire, and interconnects.

By installing these products I fully expected an audio trainwreck, only to find the system just sounded a little more real.

Face it, gents, the subtlety of difference, especially in the wire that connects two components together, is less than whether the refrigerator or FAU is running, the widow is open or closed, the mood you happen to be in at the time, or the degree to which you are concentrating.

Of primary concern to achive any kind of realism in musical electronic playback is the speakers, sized for the environment in which they will operate, their setup in that space, and secondly, the degree of distortion produced by the amp selected to power them.

Once 'true to original' is obtained in the system in thisway, discrimination can then be placed on the sonic quaility, and engineering, of the source material selected.

Of course when you can actually hear what is on the recordings, much of what is in your collection will have become intolerable. Though some will be heard to be far more superior than could otherwise be discerned through the degree of distoriton, and perhaps improper setup, previously in the system.

Once there, the particulars of the top end gear, cables, and tweaks, will have lost all significance, and may have even been forgotten since you are now so immersed in the live like realism of the music.
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If you want the best buy an Indra.
If you want the second best by an Empress
Ptm, I use Acoustic Zen Matrix 2 between a Bryston 4Bst and a Cary Slp98 with great results. Superior sounding cable that you dont have to go broke for to own.
I've owned Bryston amps, and have used them with both a SS preamp
and tubed preamp. The Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref 2 is a good suggestion,
but I'd venture a guess that VH Audio Pulsars might sound equally good
(maybe even better?) and cost much less. Audience Au24 ic's would be
worth a try, too. First, I'd try the Pulsars on a money back guarantee
trial basis.
I would second the AZ Ref Matrix, but I would go with the MK1 version, which, IMHO, is more musical while, perhaps, sacrificing some freq. extension. I had a 2.5 running into a Rogue 88, and I never felt like I needed to change the AZ's.
Indra/pulsar will not work well in this case. They'll be too thin sounding to be placed between preamp and amp.
Try AZ Silver reference II, NBS King Serpent II, XLO limited.
Try Audioquest Cheetah. Been using that with a VTL 2.5 pre and a Plinius 102 power amp with great results.
My .02, Pure Note Cerulean. Great detail and body. Just bought a few more on sale. They work great on my new Tenor amps.