Interconnect advice

Hello all. I am looking for an interconnect to run between my Sim Audio i-5 and Audio research CD2. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Try the cableplex cables for sale on ebay. custom cables at a great price/performance ratio. My whole system is done in the cableplex Sig. and it was an awsome upgrade over Kimber Hero's..
I have owned a number of interconnects, and the company I am the most impressed with is Vantage Audio. Their policy is as good as their cables. They will send you the cables to try and you have 45 days to decide if they are right for your system, if you like them send them payment, if not send back the cables. Their Silver Marina (under 300.00) IMO easily betters anything that I have tried in the under 1000.00 range. Contact and talk to Richard, he is very knowledgable and proffesional.
I urge you to try HomeGrownAudio's "Silver Lace" interconnect. It's made of 8 strands of braided, 26 gauge, solid core wire (similar to Kimber), and you can get a 1 meter length for as little as $140 in kit form (do the soldering yourself) or $180 assembled. I have two pair of the "Silver Lace" interconnects and think they are the best buy on the market.
Why not MIT or Transparent.I was told the network do made a lot of difference and cool RCA connector.
Can you describe the sound you would like to achieve with the addition of the interconnect? Are you able to describe the sonic signature of your components and how they interact. Once you can do this, selecting a cable becomes much easier. If you don't know, try obtaining several different cables from the Cable Company for audition. By comparing several in your system, you will be able to tell more clearly the effects each has. Choosing a cable is a very critical step for completing a system and you need to have an idea of what you're aiming for to get the best results. Hope this helps.
Thank you all for your help. I think I will take your advice, Rrgordon and try several out. Thanks.
MIT 330 shotguns, check you input imp., the technology in these cables is input imp. specific - if possible audition, if not buy used and resell if you don't like, you will get your money back. However, you'll like.