Interconect cables?

I have a Mcintosh ma6900 integrated amp and a Arcam fmj cd33 cd player. can anyone recommend a nice set of interconnects?
Here's an idea. Search the "Member's Systems" for owners of the MA 6900 and/or Arcam FMJ CD33 and take a look at what they use for interconnects.
audioquest diamondback...resonably priced,neutral and well made.
So many to try for 200 to 300 used, use Audiogon as a library and try 2 different ones a month. Shipping is always cheap and resale easy. Au24, cardas, kimber , knock yourself out.
What is your budget?
Go with Crystal Cables Piccolo Interconects and you will not regret it. Read the reviews!
I like tara labs for the price for detail and soundstage.