Inter. for Bryston 3BSST/5BST ---- Meridian 561M

Please recommend RCA interconnects for my Meridian 561M processor to 3B SST(for fronts) and 5B ST(for center/rears)

My speakers are JM Lab Electra 926 + CC900 + SR900, and uses Audioquest Bedrock speaker cables.

Not too expensive, but good enough for my systems, good for the money, bang for the buck interconnects.

Not sure what you mean by "not too expensive", but I use Alpha-Core Sapphire IC's with my Bryston 4B-ST and 5B-ST amps and have been very pleased with their performance. You can a used 1.0 meter pair with RCA's for around $200. If that's more than you want to spend, then I'd seriously consider the Kimber Kable Hero IC's, which I think are virtually unbeatable for the buck.
I should have added "not too expensive relative to my overall system value"

yes, around $200 for 1.0 meter pair is about what I'm looking for... Thanks. I'll look both Alpha-Core and Kimber.

Also, I'm considering MIT AVT1/2, Audioquest Diamondback/Jaguar, Transparent Musiclink Plus/Super

Any comments?
AQ King Cobra is a great choice.
These are the list I came up with under $250 used.

I'm planning to get little higher grade for fronts, for example AQ Jaguar for fronts and diamnondback for rears or AC Sapphire for fronts and Triode Quartz for rears.

Is that good idea? I used littl bit different grade for speaker cables anyway... AQ Bedrock biwire for fronts and Type 2 for rears since my front speakers are biwireable while rears are not. I'm leaning toward Alpha-Core but it's not many avaiable as others. Also considering Kimber and AQ.

diamondback, king cobra, jaguar

pbj, timbre, hero, silverstreak, kcag

Alpha-core(all silver)
Micropurl, Triode Quartz, Sapphire

Musiclink, musiclink plus, musiclink super

oops, it's type 4 not type 2 that I used for my rear speaker cables.
Great, I bought Alpha-Core Sapphire 1.5m pair from a Audiogon member. It's going to be used for fronts.

Now I need a single for center and a pair for rears.

Maybe I'll use same one for center and one grade lower for rears = Triode Quartz Silver.