Inter-connects? Speaker cable? for Quad gear

I am new to high end audio, but just got into a Quad system (ESL-988 and Quad tube amps) and would like some to please recommend some inter-connects and speaker cables that go well with this system. Thanks for your help.
Why don't you do a search here at audiogon under forums? Since you are a new member you should avail yourself of these features. BTW I recommend MAgnan Signature speaker cable if this helps.
I think a lot of cable stuff is hype but Kimber has reputation for value as does Audioquest.I helped a freind with an overly brite system with Cardas.But I really like a company called Mappleshade.They have a high end Omega Mikro line that is great.Nordost isn't cheap depending on which line you get but it get's great reviews from many sources.Talk to your dealer and see if they will allow a return and compare a few at same time.Take your time and also put the question out at get in touch with the folks at one thing when doing the budget make the greatest investment from source to pre then pre to power and then speakers.Unless you get same line and level put greater amount of budget higher up chain.Lastly you may want to try and replace the stock power chord as well.I have not heard the returns as much as some out ther but PS Audio,JPS and MIT Z-system have good AC chord reputations.Your overall best bet is try before you buy.Good luck.
Apoman, Electrostats are tricky with wires and need very careful consideration, especially as far as speaker cables are concerned. I've had excellent results (Quads) with the top of the line NORDOSTS, both IC's and speaker cables, but they are expensive. For much less money I've found the cables which InnerSound sells, ( to go very well with those stators. Cheers,

I've renewed all of my interconnect cables with their custom made cables (specialising in Quad) and they are really nice folks to deal with.