Inter connects and speaker cable for AR D115 amp

Am new to high end audio, but have purchased the Audio Research tube amp, a Jolida tube CD and will soon add an AR tube pre-amp. Am looking for suggestions on cable and inter-connects. I'll be looking for used cable, but do not really know what to look for! TIA for comments!
Dave M
i've tried nirvana moet, kimber hero, purist maximus, cardas hexlink 5c, stealth flr & modern audio design ic; stealth (? model?), transparent "The Wave" & synergistic ?Mark 11? cable. for now i've settled on synergistic looking glass ph 2 ic & synergistic resolution ref 0.5 cable with purist phono cable for my mostly arc system. i wish i could tell you this had all been scientifically resolved but, in truth, i'm not sure i could have tolerated all of these variables unless liberally medicated with wine & beer. hope some of this helps.