Integration of JM Lab SW900 and Micro Utopia Be

I currently own a pair of Electra 926. I tought that upgrading to a pair of Micro Utopia Be and one Electra SW900 will give more refinement on the medium hight, having the subwoofer taking care of the bottom end. However not sure if these speakers will seamless integrate. I listen mostly to acoustic jazz, so really refinement and full range is important. Any experience?
The Micros were one of the speakers I auditioned extensively before making my choice to buy the Harmonic Precision Caravelles. The Micros are amazing. I listened to them for over a half hour before I decided to listen with the sub. Wanted to hear what they could do, solo. They require a sub, and they sounded beautiful. Seamless, indeed! They (Singersound) were using a Rel sub, but other subs will work as well, if not better. The Micros were, hands down, the best darn monitors I ever heard, 'til the Caravelles. The Caravelles? They went tete a tete with the Jmlabs Altos, and held their own. That was truly amazing. If you go with the Micros, I'm sure you'll be one happy audiophool. The Micros are not, however, the quintessential monitor. They are the quintessence in price, though. peace, warren
My Caravelles are now broken in and set up so their stage size and quality is larger than my heavily upgraded Dunlavy SC4's..Even though the Caravelles appear to be flat to about 35hz in my room, I still use a pair of subs..The subs are currently Paradigm Servo 15's each sitting atop their own Sistrum Sp101 platforms. Each sub sits about six inches to the outside of each of the Caravelle stand and about 2.5 inches in front of the plane of the monitors..This staggered arrangement seems to help with a seamless intergration of both sub and monitor..The Caravelles are run full range and really have no dynamic compression and seem not to loose their focus with complex passges even at high levels..The dual subs are x-overed at 35 hz. so between their wave alignment and the use of Sistrum platforms they are not to be heard by themselves. The use of two subs in my set up as described only adds to the stage size focus and overall impact. This type of sub arrangement is what I would recommend for the extension and enhancement of any quality monitor or even large full range speakers. Tom