Integrating two systems

I have had some questions nagging at me for a couple of weeks as I'm pondering my new stereo set up. I'm hoping some of the audiogon learned will throw me a bone. First I want to mention how enjoyable it was to read the threads on tuners that appeared a couple of weeks ago, it also has led me to a question, but first things first.

I am moving into a new home and want to integrate two separate systems. First is a " better" system of Krell integrated, Cal audio labs CD player and Joseph speakers. Second is a inexpensive integrated or receiver (have not purchased yet) driving the in- ceiling speakers throughout the house. On some occasions I would like to have both speaker systems playing from the same source (CD or tuner). Questions: 1) since my tuner has only one output can I rigged up some sort of split interconnect that will allow me to send the signal to both amps? Will this degrade the signal? Does such an interconnected exist? I have a pre-amp out on the Krell but this would necessitate having the "good system" on at all times. Would a newer tuner have multiple outs and thereby solve the problem? 2) my CD player has multiple outs, so the interconnect is no problem but are there any other issues I should be aware of? I'm wondering if the timing of the two systems could be staggered enough to cause problems?

Unrelated question: Does differing length speaker cables harm system performance in a two channel/two speaker set up?

If the above questions bore you to tears, perhaps this will be more up your alley. The aforementioned threads on tuners got me to thinking. Many respondents considered seventies era components to be the best tuners ever made. To use an auto analogy, there may be many people who would prefer a 1963 Corvette to a 1995 Corvette. But I don't think anyone would consider the 63 car to be a better piece of machinery. It would not handle better, it would not go faster, it would not be more reliable. Are 25 year old tuners really better than today's electronics or is this just a question of sentimentality.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
I am currently running this type of setup in my house. I am only running one additional set of speakers in an upstairs living area. I am using an integrated amp with a long run of speaker cable that I threaded up through the basement floor and using the CDP's 2nd output (which I also have) and the tape out from my main system into the tape in on the integrated powering the upstairs speakers. This does mean that I cannot run my tape in right into the tapedeck in my main system for optimum recording quality, but I can always simply switch plugs if feeling compelled to do so and I am running the tape out of the second integrated back into the tape deck. I imagine the tape loop should be very close to passive with minimal degradation. I have thought about building or finding some kind of passive device that could split the tape out into two signals, one for the second system amp and one for the actual tapedeck, but haven't gone that far yet. You could also try using the pre-out from your main system and run it into an input on your second integrated, though I did not have any luck with this...the output was simply too weak. That may work in your system however and is probably worth a try.

I looked at your post again and see that I'm addressing this from a different angle as you want the second system to operate independently if desired. I suppose you can use the tape out from your second amp to accommodate that? Well, now if YOU aren't bored to tears, I'll just say good luck. Be sure to get the appropriate speaker cable for long runs. Numerous manufacturers design home theatre cabling for this purpose, although I've never considered what the effects on an amp may be, if any, with long runs of cabling like that. You may want to investigate that as well.
Century thanks for your comments. If I understand correctly you are running separate outputs from the CD player to each amp with no problems. It seems that for CD play your two systems can work independently.

Then for tape and I presume radio you use the tape out/tape in system. Good idea, one more arrow for the quiver.
For CD play, use the two outputs on the CDP to feed a signal to both systems. For the tuner, use the pre-out's from the receiver to feed the integrated amp.

Ideally you'd like to keep the speaker cable lengths the same in a two-channel system, but I once (out of curiosity) used two runs with about 15' of length difference and didn't notice any problems.

My understanding is that the tuners on most receivers today are of very marginal quality. There are quality tuners you can buy today, however. But to answer your question, I believe the older tuners you mentioned really were better than the ones being made today. Not my area of expertise, however, just my "sense."
I have a main system and also 5 rooms with inwall spaeakers.
The only way to do it is a separate power amp using a common preamp with 2 outputs. It didn't work well until I bought a 12 channel Sonance amp. All rooms are run through separate passive volume controls so you can control rech room otherwise you will go crazy. Contact me if you need more help.