Integrating subs into 2-channel and home theatre

I would like to upgrade my subwoofer to something more musical such as a B&W 750 (it's one of the few I have actually listened to) or something recommended. I have a fairly large room and in one section of my cabinet I am using an NAD M-15/M-25 pre-amp amplifier combination for home theatre. I am also still enjoying my traditional two-channel Threshold fet ten/hl / S-500 pre-amp amplifier combination.

Current main speakers are Mirage M-1's which do not suffer from lack of bass extension, however, I want to keep the options open for using a good musical sub, or stereo subs, with future speakers.

What would be the most accurate connection to use and could I keep the sub(s) connected, in some way, to both systems? Would the 750 support these connections? I do not mind disconnecting from home theatre to connect to the two-channel side if the case may be.

Or should I forget the fet ten, (purists don't attack me) run everything through the M-15 pre-amp, and maintain the S-500 for the front mains? I am open minded and not particularly on a strict budget.
My NHT SubOne(i) has both an LFE input and a line level input which each have their own level/volume knob. This allows me to connect the sub to both my HT setup, using the LFE input, and my 2 channel system using the line level input. It works just fine and it is a very good sounding sub (IMHO) especially for the price. A few of the NHTs have the external controller which allows for this feature. Unfortunately NHT has recently announce that it will stop producing speakers and close up shop. They have stated that they will have a company to provide warranty work if needed.


The Velodyne SMS-1 sub controller combines room analysis, PEq room correction w/video readout, and an active x-over. It also allows multiple EQ curves (for movies vs music, for example). I believe that it's easily the best $500 I've ever spent on 2 channel.

I also use a a pair of Velodyne SPLR-800 subs, but I'd probably point you to SVS subs which seem to produce better specs and come very highly recommended by knowledgeable subwoofer types.

Good Luck


BTW, if you want further refinement, you can use the SMS x-over as a low pass only. This gets A/D/A coversion out of the main signal path. You can either run a second pre-out to your main amp and run the main speakers full range, or insert an NHT X-2 (app $300) to actively roll off the bass in your mains without A/D/A. The NHT should still be widely available despite the company's "leave of absence".
Thank you Reubent and Martykl very much. Your input has been very helpful. I'll keep you posted as to what I end up with.