Integrating sub with main speakers

I am in the process of experimenting with a Sunfire True Sub Mark II version mated to a pair of Maggie 3.5R's. I am using solid state monoblocks and a tube preamp. I have the maggies running full range with the sub connected via the preamp outs to the sub line in, crossover set to 35 Hz. I currently have the sub in between the speakers. What can anyone offer as far as proper placement and intergration of this sub? Thanks for your help.
I tried this sub with smaller maggies and couldn't get it ro work with music... Try a REL or Ariel - that worked...
First, I believe the reason that you set up the crossover to 35Hz is because the Maggie can go deep down to 35Hz. You may want to check the error rate. If it is -3dB or more, you can set up the crossover to 40Hz to prevent the LF distortion by the Maggie.

The placement is always a tough part, which requires a number of fine tunes. You can either put the sub closer to the corner if you would like to get more bass. However, achieving the overall balance and clean, solid bass is more important.

Due to the speed of the Maggie is very fast, you can use good speed silver cables for the sub to obtain a better match with the Maggie.

Hope the above helps. Good luck.
I have found it easiest to integrate a sub in the corner. REL subs for example are designed to sound best in the corner. If you listen to classical, start with the right corner, which is where bass strings usually are in a real orchestra.

You could also go with two subs, one for each channel, however one great sub is better than two cheap ones.

REl subs are the easiest to integrate IMHO