Integrating sub via Bryston 10b crossover

While I know there is a fair amount of experimentation involved, I'm wondering if there are some guidelines that would make for a better starting point.

When integrating a sub - and using a crossover that allows for both low pass and high pass (like the Bryston 10b Sub unit I have), should the high pass match (or be close to) the low pass frequency?

I'm using JM Labs Micro Utopia speakers which go down to 50hz. If I cross over at, say, 60hz, should the high pass also be at 60 hz?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
"...should the high pass also be at 60hz?"

Normally yes, but FWIW, unless you listen to high volume music, you might just try running the main speakers full range, and setting the sub at either 60,50, or 40 hz and see how that blends with the main.

Consider that what sounds best will depend on the roll off slope of the cross over (6, 12, 18, or 24db per octave) will impact the selection of the cross over point(s) as well the location of the mains and the subs.

BTW, apart from your ears which will ultimately decide, I suggest you get and use a SPL meter and 'test' disc with 1/3d octave pink noise tones to use for preliminary set up of the sub (as well as speakers and listening poistion).

Have fun, be patient, and you'll dial it in. Just keep the dammed thing out of corners! :-)
make sure your xover is throughly burned in before making a dec to use or not use xover----you may find that a higher xover pt works best with your speakers ie 80hz---jut try diff pt --agree with Newbee--see last sub threads --good luck --Rich