Integrating Quads with Puppies

Gradient woofers for the Quads ESL-63 speakers are out of production. Does anyone have experience with integrating the Wilson puppies, in any of their various versions, with Quad ESL-63s? If so, I would welcome your thoughts about the viability of the match. Thanks.
I would think that REL might be a better match, the puppies will play considerably louder the the REL but with the 63s that is irrelevant. with either keep the crossover as low as possible. My speakers have around the same bass extension as the 63s [I sold them both at the same time] and I cross the RELs in the 25Hz area, bringing them up and letting the main speakers run full range. The Quads are so revealing that I have always been able to hear the crossover when I ran the signal through it.
I would High Pass the Quads with Pair of Vandersteen 5 Battery Bias High Pass filters and a pair of Vandersteen 2WQs
self Powered Subs.
This allow the Quads to play at another level with greater transparency,clarity and dynamics.
we have done this many times successfully with both Quads and Magnepans.
Cheers Johnnyr