Integrating JL Subs

I am interested in integrating two JL subs to a 2 channel system. I have Verity Sarasto 2 in a dedicated 14x22x10 ft room with speakers on the short wall. Speakers are setup by professionals and I later made small adjustments using room optimizer and wilson audio method. Frequency response is reasonably even with me sitting 13ft away from the speakers. At 10-11ft away, there is greater clarity. This is complicated by a 7-8 db narrow band suckout at 40-50hz and 5 db peakers at 60hz and 25hz. (-3d at 20Hz).

I experimented with a single velodyne sub, I boosted the output at around 45hz and decreased the output at 30 and 60hz along with 24db slope crossing over at 55Hz. This yielded a reasonably smooth response. I would like to try two JL audio because they are rumored to be better subs.

Since I have full range speakers and subs. How do I get rid of the summation peaks between the subs and speakers?

I realize I can use active crossovers or passive crossovers to roll off the main speakers but I am slightly hesitant to introduce another layer of filtering or electronics.

Many thanks in advance.
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You can use a Velodyne SMS-1 subwoofer controller to EQ and cross the subs only - without touching the main signal path. If your pre-amp has multiple main outs, you can add a second output from your pre-amp to the SMS-1 and leave the connection to the Sarastros just as it is.

The SMS-1 includes a room analyzer - you need a monitor with an S video input to use it. Keep adjusting the x-over slope, frequency and EQ 'till you're optimized - you'll see a flat response on your monitor. If there is a good solution for your room without actively low cutting the Sarastros, the SMS-1 will let you find it.

If there is no good solution, you could adopt my arrangement: I use an NHT X-2 active analog crossover to low cut my main speakers. (It's both more benign and more flexible than the digital low cut in the SMS-1.) I then use the SMS-1 on just the subs, as described above.

More good news: The SMS-1 is $450 at and the NHT x-2 is $300 direct from NHT. I'd say that's pretty reasonable in light of the cost of Sarastros and a pair of JL subs.

Good Luck,


PS - If you see a broad rise in the octave above 80hz (pretty likely IME), you might want to think about employing tuned hemholtz resonators (bassbusters). They can be a very effective fix for this problem that doesn't involve touching the signal.