Integrateds with bass management?

Here's a different question on a popular theme: are there any integrated, two-channel amplifiers that offer bass management?

I know that plenty of models have line level pre-outs (my Plinius 8100 included) but I have never heard of one that will direct high frequencies to the speaker outputs and bass information to the line level outputs.

You would think, since subwoofer popularity seems to be increasing, that manufacturers would include this feature.
My reaction, for what it's worth, is that there is little reason for a manufacturer to offer a 2-channel integrated with bass management. By definition, a 2-channel system lacks a separate subwoofer output. If one were to utilize a subwoofer in a pure 2-channel system, the sub would serve to supplement the output of the main speakers, and would usually have its own internal crossover.

Multi-channel home theater systems, on the other hand, often utilize surround speakers -- and maybe even main front speakers -- that have limited deep frequency response, and use the ".1" LFE / subwoofer for low frequency output. The bass management system would, in this instance, allow the pre/pro to "steer" the bass response to all of the speakers + subwoofer, the main front speakers + subwoofer, or to the subwoofer alone.

If you want to pursue a bass management approach with your Plinius integrated, you might want to consider the "ICBM" bass management module made by Outlaw Audio. It's gotten good reviews, and only costs $249. For more info, go to this link:
Bass bipass tech. is in most all HT processors.For would just use the sub's crossover and adjustments. Should work just fine.