Integrateds: Why do they all SUCK?

I’m trying to find a HIGH QUALITY integrated that has:
1. A no-corners-cut real class A - A/B power stage.
2. A real, high quality analog preamp line stage.
3. A good phono stage.

Aside from a few very high end products, the above described integrateds seem not to exist. Why can’t I find a quality integrated? Do we just have to accept having a pile of boxes?
I owned the Pass Int-60 and it beat out everything till I spent almost 3x the price on a Gryphon Diablo 300.    Strengths of the Pass....a delicious tube like sound.....the Diablo 300s strength is that it has a more live presentation.    Pick your poison.

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I have mostly separates but do have a system with the Naim Supernait.
The original, DAC is quite good, have the outboard phono stage also quite good. A terrific buy used.
Madavid0 ...

You seem to have a penchant for calling everything a "scam," and me in particular a "shill," and when questioned, you fall off of the end of the earth. In your thread where you accuse Synergistic Research's HFT's of being a "scam," you asked if there was a return policy. When answered in the affirmative, I asked you if you ordered a set using the 30 day return policy and to please report back with your results. To date, you've never gotten back to me. Is that your style, Madvaid0? You just raise controversy just for the giggles? What's up with you man? Are you still a teenager, or what?