Integrateds, which one??????????????

I am looking at several different integrateds and am getting a headache.  I would really like remote ,phono and headphone but can deal with the phono and headphone issue if need be.  The speakers for now are older Vandersteen 2Cs BUT I want to be able to work well with a range of speakers  I am not talking about power but tonal balance/sound  Not to far to the warm and not to far to the analytical / thin side.  Rock and blues are the primary music (so laid back is not good) and the cables are all Analysis Plus.  Using a Music Hall A 50..2 which is very impressive  Liked it better then the Yamaha AS 2000 I tried.  All  below are very close in price used. Thanks

Rogue Tempest Magnun
Rogue Cronus

Solid State
Anthem 225  Had one years ago and thought it was kind of dry but have different cable, gear now
Classe 151  Had a 150  It was OK 151 is supposed to be more neutral
Rotel RA 1570
Roksan Kandy K2
Bel Canto EVO 2 gen II  Had one for 4 years almost perfect but no soul.  Might be different with cables and such
Musical Fidelity A 300

How about the Parasound? It's a very clean, grainless, modern sounding amp section with a fairly musical DAC built in?

I also really like the Arcam, find their sound more quiet, subdued like the Ayre amps.
I second the Parasound Halo. Absolute world beater in that price range. Built in DAC and a decent phono section should put this on your short list. Personally I've owned Krell/Pass/Plinius.....I was shocked how good Parasound sounds. Also their customer service might be the best in the buisness.
The Parasound would be great but is WAY out of range  The list above is the list because they all fall in the $700 to $900 range used.  Another would be the HK 990.  That is if i knew of one.
For your speakers,the Rotel would be my first choice from the amps you list. NAD is another good pick.

If you're open to consider other ways, have a look at Audio Advisor web site. They have a $1300 Nuforce power amp on sale for $500. If you buy that amp, you'll still have money to buy a passive line stage. That combo should easily sound better than any of the integrates you list.
Creek Evo series
I get it...we all have a budget to stay within. I would just say this..The Parasound Halo probably should cost 5K...its that good. Used if you can find one would probably cost 1500-1700. The bonus with the Parasound Halo would won't need a preamp/DAC/or a phono preamp. I also think it would make your Vandersteens absolutely sing. If somehow you can bump your budget up.....this would be a great choice. 
The Vandersteens are  easy to drive and are efficient as well, I would look at a Parrasound Halo Integrated also, and for bonus you get a dac and phono stage init as well.

Cheers George 
Guys the Halo thing is not going to happen I do not have a money press in my basement  I am down to the Anthem and the Rotel RA 1570
Get the Rotel. You never know when Anthem is going to go out of business again. Rotel just makes nicer gear.
Hegel several models
Go with the Rogue Cronus Magnum!
wait till you find a HK 990
The Rotel 1570 and (Rogue only factory installed) both have the feature of pre amp out Main in
This feature alone is worth its weight in gold.
 In future upgrades this allows the unique Vandersteen high pass  to be installed with a 2WQ.
This pairing further improves the in room bass response while
 reliving the heavy lifting in the bass area of you main amp resulting
 in lowering distortion of the whole system, improving clarity and transparency with genuine performance.
This is the single greatest bang for the buck any Vandersteen owner
 can enjoy.
 Best JohnnyR

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Not going to be adding things to the Vandersteens   The Hegel is out of the question.  I laid out what i can spend   How come nobody is excited about the Rogue Tempest magnum?  60 w/ch??  I have had tube hybrids but never a full tube deal  Worried it could be too dark but tempting just to find out.
  The Anthem integrated one was pretty good.  The Rogue  Sphnix was very good but in the end sounded like what it was  A tube preamp  hiding a class D amp.
Rega Brio or Marantz PM8004-8005. The Rogue could be quite fun. Not a fan of the Anthem or Rotel.
(((Not going to be adding things to the Vandersteens)))

 Hey not doing a High Pass / 2W at used prices starting at 499 and up is your call and yes with Rotel / High passed w 2WQ combination will smoke alone just any affordable Tube amp .
 Imagine later with a 2W and a tube amp you could have the best of both worlds
I can promise you that the guys who heard Rotel,
 never heard them Hi Passed /2WQ with a pair of Steen 2s
 But hey if you want to stay pat and major on the minors its your call.
 Best JohnnyR 
Not enough question marks!!
Please listen to John.  He has your best interest at hand!  I've not listened to him in the past....and it has cost me dearly.  Now, I've Vandersteen and Belles and am a believer.  Already trying to figure out how I'm going to move up the Vandy line ,or as he mentioned, add a 2wq to my 1Ci.  Best......

If you have decent FM stations in your area, the Magnum Dynalab MD-208 is a superb integrated that has the bonus of a very good FM section.  Good luck with whatever you end up with. 
" Please listen to John.  He has your best interest at hand!  I've not listened to him in the past....and it has cost me dearly."

I can confirm that as well. He's Vandersteens number 1 dealer, and most people consider him to be the most knowledgeable Vandersteen person aside from Vandersteen himself.   
Give Vincent sv237 new or used sv236 mk a shot.  Lots of power, very musical and balanced.

Alot to read, if you can find one, any older LFD will blow away most anything sound-wise, I recently picked up an older Mistrel SE for 700, at least as good as my Odyssey Kismet Mono's with AVA CF preamp.  Now I know why musicians love Dr. Bews designs. Good luck 
I've not heard a Rogue Tempest, but I love my Cronus Magnum II, and its phono section and headphone amp.  It has the power to drive anything, including my Harbeth SLH5+
Naims integrated amps Nait5i, Nait XS or SuperNait could be a good match for you musical taste.
Buy a Naim, listen to music and forget about it
Naim is nice but does not have any of what i asked for  I had an Exposure which is very much like that  Went with the Anthem for now.
I would be interested to know your impressions of the Anthem after you spend some time with it.
An NAD 375 would be a very nice, powerful, full bodied amp for your set up. Used one for sale right now at around $850 here. Plenty of power and has ability to add built in DAC and phono.
I tried one very good but almost hyper  The headphone output is one of the worst i have ever heard  Sam T even mentioned that in his review
My back up is a Coda Unison 3.1.... sounds like it would fit the bill for you,  just a touch on the warm side of neutral,  well controlled bottom end nice soul & swing character to it... 125 watts to 8 & 250 to 4 with class a for the first 35 watts... Or it was made in a 3.2 &v3.3 version,  the 3.3 is 300 watts to 8 & 600 to 4... but only 5 watts class A.  Same amp, just biased differently between versions....  I may sell mine some day,  but it is really an enjoyable amp... you should find one for  around that $1000 mark. 
I would have gone with tubes, if it were me.....SS just isn't as good, IMHO.