Integrateds that pair well with Dynaudio Excite32


Can anyone suggest some integrated amps that pair well sound-wise and have enough power to drive Dynaudio Excite32s? Budget is around $1000 - $1500. Used is fine.

Sorry if this was discussed before - I tried searching, but didn't see anything on this specific topic.

Thank you.
As A Dyn C1 owner I can say that Dyn's like amps with high current. I think the Naim Xs (slightly above your upper end of your budget - used) is a great musical integrated that pairs extremely well with Dyn's. Also with the Xs as funds permit there is an optional power supply that can be added if you need a hair more.
Explain why you think a different amp will solve the speaker/room issues you outlined in your other thread?

I've determined that the speaker/room issues I outlined in my other thread were probably due to small speakers and not enough power. I've now upgraded to larger speakers (Dynaudio 110s to Excite X32s), and in doing so, I am ready to also upgrade my power source from low wattage AVR to a more powerful integrated amp.

Am I not thinking correctly here?
NAD works well with Dynaudio. Espe
cially the 375 BEE
Right now available for purchase on Audiogon are a Marantz PM-15s2 Reference and a Magnum Dynalab MD308. The asking prices are $1,349 and $950. On paper either should be a good match for the larger Dynaudio.

That said, since you just got the Excite X32s, why don't you just listen to them for a few months, yes months, and get use to sound of your system before starting upon another change? It's not a race.