Integrateds that could drive Magnepan's or other tuff loads

Looking to scale back my system. Didn't realize how much better it had gotten over the last couple years.It now consists of Sonic Frontiers Line 1 SE pre, Muse 300 monoblocks (highly underrated), and Montana SPII Sig. speakers, with Sony DVD7700 in front.

I want a smaller system with an integrated that could drive a tough load, and has a big power supply and fairly high current.

Am I asking for too much? Does anyone have suggestions.
Jolida JD 1000 is monster!!
Plenty of power and tubes.
Uses 8 el34s.

McIntosh just announced another integrated, the MA6900, 200 watts.
Plinius 8200. 175wpc and plenty of current to drive those Maggies. Has option for phono too.
I would bet that an Onkyo Integra A-809 could do the job
easily and at a bargain price. It is stable into a 2 Ohm load
and pumps out 303 wpc dynamic power into a two ohm load. Its in the owner's manual. Incredibly low distortion. I took one to an Onkyo service center once to have it bench tested. The result 130 WPC continuous into 8 Ohms, although rated at 105 wpc by Onkyo into 8 Ohms. It was dropped from the line in or around 1998. They are hard to find used, but worth the effort. People who own them don't sell them.
NAD C-370 can deliver up to 70 amps peak current ,450 wpc dynamic power into 2 ohms if you need even MORE power buy the C-270 power amp and bridge for a total of 300 wpc into 8 ohms. I just got my new c-370 and i love it. Might be too Mid fi for you?..but i think its great amp. at any price!

Happy Listening
Musical fidelity m3 nu vista. That is the best integrated i know of and it has 550 watts into 4 ohms.