Integrateds-Krell or Plinius?

What would be the best match for B&WCDM9T speakers? I'm leaning towards the Plinius 8200 or Krell's 300IL.
I haven't heard either w/your speakers, but the Plinius 8200 is an incredible integrated, I have been listening to it at my dealer's, and the phono stage is really good too. On the other hand, two friends have the Krell 300i, and one has had mechanical problems, has had to have it fixed at the factory. The Krells also sound very nice, but to my taste the Plinius is the most outstanding and an incredible value as well, considering what you get for your money. The Krells seem overpriced to me, and I am concerned at the breakdowns my friend has had. I didn't know Krell had reliability issues, and maybe in general they don't. But the 300i may not be their strongest unit. Just reporting my experience, of course you should listen and consider for yourself.
The Plinius has definitely gotten many rave reviews. The original post mentions the Krell 300iL which is a new model, as opposed to the 300i which is the older model. I know the 300iL has been re-styled and has 200w/ch instead of 150. Of course, the local shop says it's "much" better than the 300i. In any case, there's a lot of feedback on the 300i that goes from great to horrible, but I haven't seen much feedback on the 300iL yet. -Kirk
an EXCELLENT product in the same price range but with less power (70w/ch)
Krell brand is #1 sponsor of Stereofile and whatever model they will make it will receive a positive review there.
Plinius 8200 I think, does not need any "Stereofile favors" it's just an excellent amp and I'm sure it can drive any speakers including your B&W.
I have heard the Krell 300i with B&W N805s. I do like the dryness of B&Ws, but the Krell I think, is too lean sounding to compliment them. Its a sound that'll scrape your paint and make your teeth whiter. Maybe an audition would work for you. A lot of dealers that carry Krell also carrry B&W. I have never heard Plinius, but a search on audioasylum is sure to conjure additional opinions. Have fun with those speakers, I do likes them CDMs.
I've sold the Krell integrated's for some time, and can say that, well, they're decent enough. But I guess I would have to favor the Plinius over them! However, another choice to consider with the CDM9nt's that I've heard, is the Classe 150wattintegrated! This also makes a nice choice for the money with those speakers! Have fun
If you get an opportunity, audition the McIntosh MA6500 as well. I have read a few very positive user reviews on it and I have heard it in store, it sounded very nice, and that with a $500 CD player and some good Kef's. (Not to mention it is very sharp looking IMO!)
The Plinius, is much better sounding.
I own a Krell 300iL and love its sound with my Wadia and NHT very much. I had a chance to listen to the Krell 300iL with N805 and CDM9NT at a dealer shop and to my ear, I do not like a match between Krell and B&W. The sound is too bright and not natural. I used to listen a Krell 300iL with a ProAC 2 way speakers and I like this match much better.