Integrateds for Spatial M4


I've owned M4 for about 1 month and hit about ~100 hours on it. For a person upgrading from speaker with 3" full-range driver, I'm quite impressed by M4 in many places, like how large the sound stage is and how it plays music with multiple instruments. For example, I heard many things that I didn't notice before when playing "the dark side of the moon".

However, I still feel there are things missing. I found the vocals seems to be not that clear comparing to what I used to have. Or I should say it's missing some sweetness? I do favor female vocals on my full-range speaker more. Also, the high is sometimes harsh, especially from trumpet. The other thing is that I did quite a bit late night listening, but I didn't feel the same dynamics on the low volume. 

All of this leads me to wonder if I need to update my amp as well. What I have currently is Marantz mcr610, which is rated 60W at 6ohms. It has built-in DAC/airplay etc, I'll connect the audio out of mcr610 to an integrated amp. My budget is no more than $1500, and used is fine.

Thanks in advance!  

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Hi, would also be interested in replies to this post.  I agree with the slightly harsh highs at times which i presume would be better with a tube integrated which they are often paired with at shows.  I'm using a Belles Soloist.  Audiocircle has a dedicated thread to these speakers so if no luck here, would certainly post there.  Cheers