Integrateds, for $1000.00

Dear Audiophiles, I've saved up $1000 to buy an integrated amp for my psb stratus bronze speakers. Please give me your recommendation and reasons. I'm relying on your honest advice, the salemen only recommend what they have, and I'm conused. Thanking you in advance...Bennett
The Roksan integrated is great and you can find a used or demo for less than $1,000. I use mine to drive Spendor 9/1 speakers.
Let me tell you something! I enjoy my all Linn gear, and i would be happy to hear that you got Keihlid's or Tukan's (Linn)speakers, than i would "wholehartedly" suggest Majik. But i would have to admit that Krell CAV 300 would be excelent choice for the "robust" full range PSB! I heard Krell and Dynaudio 3.0 and was "mesmerised" by the sound...wall to wall soundstage, details never heard of the familiar recordings, "gussbump" effect listening Rachmaninoff "Vespers"...and all that...! Well PSB, isn't Dynaudio, but you can just will 'squeeze" all out of your BRONZE! Check it out! Good Luck!
How about the new Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated Amp? It's $995.00 from Audio Advisor with a 30 day money back guarantee.Hi-Fi News gave it a rave review. It's 85 watts dual mono with a phono stage and remote. It puts out 170 watts into a 4ohm load– this should be enough power to drive your Bronzes. I personally have the A2 which is a beautiful sounding 25 watt integrated.
I would buy the Van Alstine OmegaIII integrated. Its 85 wpc and sells for $999 factory direct ( It may not be on their website, but I believe its available. You'll probably have to wait six weeks for them to build it, but you'll get your money's worth. No fancy styling, just solid no frills engineering with a 30 return if you don't like it. I haven't heard it, but I own their Fet/valve series components (top of the line). Anything else out there is just another integrated; I think most of them are crap. Good luck.
Buy the A3 Musical Fidelity. Just saw one go on ebay for around $700.I was buying a Chiro C 200 and bought this amp used. I love it. Quiet and clean.The soundstage is wonderful I can't wait to buy the A300. Tracer
Musical Fidelity A3 my first choice. Dual mono design, 85w which sounds even more powerful, full function remote, beautiful styling, solid reliability, Audio Advisor $995 price new. Sound quality is mind boggling for integrated amp. Other choices on short list, Linn Kolector, Cyrus 7, Roksan Caspian, British make best integrated amps for $1000 price new.
You should consider the Audio Refinemant Complete made by YBA. Great sounding unit retail price is $1000.00 I have one for sale for $750.00.
Being tube oriented, I highly recommend either the Jolida 502 or 302. Having owned both, I can say that they are great sounding integrateds and a true value at their pricepoints.
Oh yeah, Anthem makes a great integrated also. And just by chance, there is one on Ebay for $550 right now. No one has bid on it because they don't know any better. :-)
Run to your Golden Tube Audio dealer and check out the SI 50 MK2 remote controlled integrated. It has generous power, the tubes are inexpensive, and depending on how efficient your speakers are, it will fill a small to medium sized room with sound. I use one with a pair of Snell E-type 3's with Tara Labs interconnects and speaker cables and the results are glorious. I often listen to new cd's on this system first, even though it is my smallest and least powerful, because it will often provide the most pure musical enjoyment. A treat to be sure.
Take a look at the Plinius 2100i. It has recently been upgraded and is supposed to sound very much like (if not identical to) the extraordinary 8150. US list price is $2000, but can be bought new for a price close to your target.
If you are willing to buy used equipment, you absolutely should include the Bryston BP-60 on your short list. It has gotten outstanding reviews by a wide variety of audio mags. I have heard the BP-60, and it deserves all the praise it has gotten. If you want more info on the BP-60, look at Bryston's Web page at:
Sim Audio.$1300.00 new,$1000.00 demo.(try
The Audio Refinement Complete, made by YBA ROCKS. it retails for $1k, has a remote, and side by side with the Jolida, whick I was once in love with, there is NO CONTEST. If I had more sensitive speakers, I would sell my Conrad Johnson/McCormack setup and buy this integrated- and stop reading Stereophile. If you can get your hands on one of these to audition, I PROMISE YOU, (as a total stranger) it might leave you thinking... do I really need to spend more??? It's that good. Smooooooth mids and highs, tubelike, but without the tube "thickness"to the sound. Bass is oh-so solid, this is truly a winner- and I don't even own one. All you other dudes take note, if you haven't heard this one, make an effort. It is worth it. G13