Integrated with onboard DAC for Wharfedale Evo 30

My only source will be a Sonos ZP90 playing FLAC files and Internet radio. I had my heart set on the Peachtree Nova but without any reviews I have no idea what it will sound like. I am also considering the Music Hall Maven but I am concerned that it's sound is described as laid back and don't think it will mate well with my already slightly laid back Wharfedales. The A/B speaker option on the Maven is also appealing as I would possibly like to use this in another zone. Budget is under $1500. I would consider seperates but WAF is one of the requirements and I want this system to be very easy to use. The Nova has high WAF because it's rosewood finish would match the speakers and cabinet that it will sit on perfectly.

Any other suggestions in my price range of under $1500?
I'd hang on for the Peachtree Nova. Based on the reviews of the Decco and the fact that the Nova uses an even better DAC chip, I would expect it to be an excellent product.

Alternatives are available such as the Arcam Solo, Linn Classic, NAD (various models) or the Primare all-in-one. More and more manufacturers are now looking at these one box systems, so I think the options will contimnue to increase.
Thanks for the response Hens. I have been looking at the other AIO options but I really don't need a CD player as my source will be Sonos only. I am pretty sure I will be going for the Nova but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any other options. I showed the wife the Maven and Nova and, as I thought, she prefered the appearance of the Nova.