Integrated with good preamp & pre out

OK maybe an odd approach but that's why I am posting. I love the sound of my upgraded McIntosh MC250 but am so-so on my Acurus pre and others I have tried have not worked for various reasons...lack of inputs, wife's fear of tubes, tube heat, lack of impact, too bright etc. I have looked at various Mac pres but the better ones are out of range right now as I retired due to reasons out of my control. I also am pushed for space and with little chance of that changing. It occurred to me maybe there is a good integrated amp out there with a good pre in it that could be my pre AND a backup integrated. I can't go over$1k. I have seen Creek, Rega, YBA, others that could work on Agon but know nothing about these. Anyone else used an integrated this way and found a gem to recommend?
This stuff is SO subjective, I hesitate to respond. Since I did, here's my 2 cents ... check out the Marantz PM8004 ... it's about a grand, sometimes less if go used or reconditioned. Not running one presently, but I've had Marantz integrateds and experienced consistently good results. Nice sound. I'd say it's pretty neutral, maybe tending to the warm side. I think it has the connectivity you want, as well.
My favs are Peachtree Nova 125 and the Exposure S2010.
Both can be had in that price range give or take a few.
Second Yahoochaz' recommendation on the Marantz PM 8004. If your looking for a gem, this is it. At 1k list, this is no ordinary Marantz. It is built at their reference factory in Japan, boasts 70 wpc in 8 ohms, +100 damping factor, +25 amps peak current and weighs hefty 27 lbs. It can be used as a preamp, power or standalone integrated. I once heard one driving 10k Sonus Faber Cremona M's to some very impressive levels. Check out this model.
I believe Ayre has one...
Thanks for all the responses. I have had other Marantz equipment back in the 70s and it was mostly solid. Wish I had held onto some of the receivers...good sound and sort of eye candy. Felt I had to go to separates and switched. At the time I worked for the distributor in HI. He actually had some of the really old tube equipment that he offered me....THAT I really missed out on. I remember the 8004 got lots of good reviews. I will check it out. Thanks for reminding me.