Integrated with Built In Streamer

Good evening! Super long time lurker with no posts. I am looking to add a 2nd system to just play with Magnepan LRS speakers. I am very near field so not worried about amp power, but I would like if it had a built in streamer as I don’t really wanna plug in a CDP or TT.


Budget is $2500 and under. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.


Cambridge sells refurb Evo 75 for $1750 with warranty and free returns,  list price on new is $2250...

I own the Simaudio Ace.  Multiple inputs for digital and and analog.  Roon ready, with Tidal integration.  Superb sound and ease of use.  Highly recommended!

i have Uniti Atom, great app, streamer, dac and a mule kicker of a power amp all in one great box. I have a nas and various usb stuff attached. Radio remote not IR. i can highly recommend this. IF you want / need more power later, it also has preamp outs. Year 4 running it, zero issues...

it, imo pairs well with revealing always, ymmv

Have fun, enjoy the music