Integrated with Built In Streamer

Good evening! Super long time lurker with no posts. I am looking to add a 2nd system to just play with Magnepan LRS speakers. I am very near field so not worried about amp power, but I would like if it had a built in streamer as I don’t really wanna plug in a CDP or TT.


Budget is $2500 and under. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.


I am not totally opposed to adding just one component like a streamer but kinda want this 2nd system super simple without having to upgrade multiple PCs qnd such. Hence an all in one. 

Quad, Lyngdorf, Hegel.

Marantz, NAD, Lumin, HiFi Rose.

The Cambridge is out of budget.

I was looking at that Sim piece along with the Hi-Fi Rose. Can any of these allow playing files right off a hard drive? My main system has a streamer with a ripper and it does let you transfer all files to an external hard drive. I would love to be able to just plug an external hard drive in and play off of it. 


Thanks for all the suggestions so far everyone!

All you need is USB-A input for playing local files. I am unopposed to you looking for yourself. So far my answers come from Google which I find to be faster and often more accurate than an unaccountable passel of forum "experts."

Another choice is NAIM Uniti

I know your idea,you want to be easy and simple,so do some people else  a lot.

But the result is such all in one machine is to pop up to the market,as the guys play HIFI,this people do have a lot of demand on the music,otherwise he will not in this field.

So it is catch 22.

Same situation with some one including me to try to find a good integrated to play the music,as I want to focus on music,but on complicated device.

but you know what? I just bought Audio research REF 75 SE after listening PASS LAB INT 250 equal one (X250 +XP10),and my ear do not accept it.

Cambridge sells refurb Evo 75 for $1750 with warranty and free returns,  list price on new is $2250...

I own the Simaudio Ace.  Multiple inputs for digital and and analog.  Roon ready, with Tidal integration.  Superb sound and ease of use.  Highly recommended!

i have Uniti Atom, great app, streamer, dac and a mule kicker of a power amp all in one great box. I have a nas and various usb stuff attached. Radio remote not IR. i can highly recommend this. IF you want / need more power later, it also has preamp outs. Year 4 running it, zero issues...

it, imo pairs well with revealing always, ymmv

Have fun, enjoy the music


Ps Audio Steller Strata. 
Network streaming via wired or wireless wifi but no Bluetooth. 
I hear the differences in cables and equipment. 

I only listened to one for a short period of time at a hifi shop, but I would give some consideration to the Parasound Hint 6.

The only integrateds I've owned with a built in DAC are Peachtree's Nova 300 and Grand X1.  Of the two, I thought the Grand X1 was more neutral and sounded better, even though it's an older unit.

The Strata is $800 over budget and the only streaming it does is UPnP. Just about any of them do that and more to much more. Except for the lowly BlueSound. No UpnP for it.

I don't think there is going to be much under 2500 that is going to play those maggies well. You need high current 100-150 watts for those I hear.

I have had the same question for myself. My choices though were more resctricted since I needed / wanted a room correction system given the nature of my listening room. And i did want roon capable. and a reasonable wattage (>= 100 W); like yourself 2.5 K budget.

With those criteria an extensive search resulted in:

Nad M10 (mixed reviews)

Nad M33 (great reviews but out of budget)

NAD 399 (just announced, very promising on paper)

Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 (glowing reviews but well out of bdget; I am also considering a used TDAI 2200 + external streamer)

Arcam SA30 (very bad reviews, lots of issues)

I'll wait to listen to the NAD 399 and then pick up either that or a Lyngdorf solution.

My 2c, enjoy.


Thanks for all the suggestions!

I know I might be pushing it power wise, but these will be near field and I will listen to Maggie friendly tunes for the time being.

It could all be moot as I cant get anyone from Magnepan to call or respond ro my internet inquiries. Its a 2nd system so its not a huge issue. Just wanting to play around.

So far, the Naim is my top choice followed by the Sim multiple people hqve recommended.

IF you are exploring to purchase the PS AUDIO STRATA, I share my experience with you on this product:

I have owned the Stella Strata for about two months and to be blunt, it's been nothing short of a nightmare.

Basically the unit's streaming software does not work.

The unit repeatedly locks-up despite a few half hearted firmware updates released in May 2020:

Version 1.2.29
Date May 30, 2020
File image.bin
Initial release.
 Fixes for logo led blinking and unit lockup
 Fixes for audio playing at zero volume
 Fixes for factory reset menu
 Fixes for no audio when playing SACDs via DMP hooked to Strata
 Fix for buttons not showing on pop-ups
 Fix for wifi enable
 Space char added to password character set.

This issue was well documented amongst the beta testers. I naively trusted PS Audio had fixed the issue when released it mid-2020.

As of Dec. 2021, even PS Audio customer support no longer responds as they have no clue on how to resolve this issue.

Despite a decent SQ, I strongly advise avoiding the PS Audio Strata.

It's clearly not ready for primetime and is cynically released to the public.

*As a follow-up - I ended up purchasing a $400 iFi streamer to bypass the software of a $3000 machine.

Just a complete waste of time and money. If you're an international customer, good luck with after-sales support

I will throw another Naim hat into the ring .

It is definitely ready for prime time , and then some!

This is quite easy to use and . for me . idiot proof !

And it sounds good too .

Good luck and Merry Christmas