Integrated w/phono: Musical Fidelity or NAD or MH?

Should I go for a MF A3.2 or NAD C355BEE or maybe a Music Hall 25.2? I need phono. The MF 3.2 has it built in, the NAD and MH 25.2 would need external (NAD PP2). Each set up would cost about $600 used. Each has similar power. The speakers I have are Usher X718. Other options? Thanks.
I think the MF is better built and will probably sound better. It does well with low impedance loads.
The units you listed would all be good choices, but if it were me I would probably go a different route - non-phono integrated and seperate phono stage.

I would look at the Jolida JD-1301A hybrid amp. It's a 30W killer and is available new for under $400. Then pair it with a good inexpensive phono stage (Bellari, Cambridge, Pro-Ject) and you will have a combo that should sound great with your Ushers.

If you need a DAC for a digital front end, maybe a used Peachtree Decco would be the ticket at approx. $400 (or less) used. Again, pair with an inexpensive phono stage and you have a very good but quite inexpensive system.
nad 355
Sorry, I should have been more clear - the Peachtree Decco is an integrated amp w/ a built-in DAC.
What about Arcam? I see DiVa A80 in my price range?

Might want to consider Onkyo A-9555. It's a digital amp - sounds smooth like an upscale piece...

Has Phono built in - low power though - you might need an external phono depending on your set up...

A guy here at the Agon said he like it better than all the English offerings at the price range.
You can get one at ebay or amazon.
Im going w NAD 355BEE integrated w NAD pre phono.