Integrated vs separates

I'm sure this has been asked many times here before but how do you all feel about integrated amps vs separates? I've heard many times, dollar for dollar, you can't beat the sound quality of a good integrated amp, but if ultimate performance is what you are after and cost is less of a concern then separates are superior. I guess what sort of confuses me is I have read reviews in the mags suggesting that integrated amps have an advantage simply because there is one less interconnect in the chain and the amp and preamp section are designed to be together. Others will say that dividing the amp and preamp into separate chassis will ultimately provide superior results (larger power supplies, less noise). I reallize this may be an over simplification of the issue.

The reason I ask is I have recently acquired rather efficient speakers (JM Lab Mini Utopias) that just don't need the power of larger separates. Could I possibly get BETTER sound by going with a good integrated or will the sound from an integrated be a compromise?

Current system: JM Lab Mini Utopias, Pass X-250 Amp, Pass X-1 Pre, Ayre CX-7e CD Player, Kimber 8TC Speaker Cable, Kimber Silver Steak Balanced Interconnects, PS Audio P300 Power Conditioner

Thanks for your input.
No tubes? Have had many expensive separates,but prefer my Prologue2.Every time a connector/connection is used,that is the weakest part of the signal transmission.Every cable adds something,or removes something.You can use the most expensive separates and still not have the synergy of a single chassis integrated.IMHO
Bring home a couple integrated units and find out for yourself.
I certainly did not have an amp/preamp combination approaching what's in your system but I can say that (for me) going to an integrated unit has given me a more enjoyable listening experience.
I would, only consider separates should I think of going to a tube pre and an SS amp. Otherwise I like to keep things with the same DNA. Less is more. ICs, power cords, too many things that can affect what, otherwise, could be nirvana. Shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I would go with the best integrated I could afford. IMHO, warren :)
I would keep your Pass X-250 Amp, Pass X-1 Pre even if you think the power is over kill. How do the JM Lab Mini Utopias sound? I assume they sound better than what you had before. A few years ago I went with separates for my Home Theater (Rotel RSP-1066 & RMB1095). I am now completing a 2 channel system with separates (Arcam FMJ C31 & P1 Mono Blocks). I would not go back to an integrated amp in my main systems. IMHO separates sound so much better. But if you still have the up grade bug and can find a better sounding integrated amp, go for it.
Seperates by far is the way to go. Integrateds are a good starting point, but separets is definatly going to get you better sound. If the cable can ruin this then your using the wrong cable.
i prefer the integrated route so you only have to buy one PC and save money on an IC too. For example, just think of the better quality speaker wire or source you could get with the money you save. I think this justifies an integrated in all but the best systems.
any change to an integrated would most likely be one of change for the sake of change. with the pass gear..whats not to like?
Thanks all for your responses! It's great to see different perspectives.

To answer your question Litespeedaudio the sound of the Mini Utopias with the Pass gear is fantastic, albeit a little lighter weight in the sub 45 hz but that's the speakers not the amp or pre. I have always preferred a tight, focused, some would say fast sound and that is indeed what I have. The reason for posting was sort of what Philjolet alluded to. Save some money in one place and apply in another (a sub for example). But I don't want to make a step backwards in sound quality to save money.