Integrated vs. AVR - Apples & Oranges?

I know, I's not even apples and oranges, it's Apple-tinis and Orangutans. But I still have a question to ask y'all.

I have separate 2-channel and HT systems now. My 2-ch player is an Arcam CD36 and Totem Hawks are driven by the aforementioned Denon.

My HT system has the Arcam at its core, with a crappy DVD player (soon to be replaced by an Oppo BD-83 or 83 SE), Gallo a'Diva Tis and a Totem Thunder sub.

I can use the extra channels on the AVR as a zone 2 and run everything out of the Arcam, and lose the Denon. But, should I? It would be a less cluttered set-up, but would sound suffer? Also, I wouldn't be able to bi-wire the Hawks anymore.

Thoughts? And thanks in advance for any help.


The only way to truly know is to try it and see (hear) for yourself. It doesn't matter what anyone (including yourself) theorizes. All that matters is how it sounds in the end.

I'm not the biggest fan of Denon amplification. They sound acceptable on easy to drive speakers, but really struggle with lower impedence ones. Totem speakers aren't exactly easy from an impedence and phase angle stand point.

A few friends have contacted Totem to inqiure about amplification. They've all gotten the response that as far as brands go, they recommend Arcam as a minimum. Just something to keep in mind. It's kind of difficult to decipher what is above and below Arcam, but I'm pretty sure they'd rate Arcam above Denon.