integrated upgrade from Plinius 8200?

I have an 8200 which I like and find well balanced musically but often wish for a bit more resolution and space/air around the instruments.Any suggestions for another integrated thats under $3500 new. I listen mostly to classical.
The LFD IV is a sweetie.
Any specific requirements you are looking for (ie tube vs solid state, power etc)?

What speakers will you be using?
I owned a Plinius 8200 MKII integrated for a couple of years and really liked it and thought it offered a lot. Recently I encountered a Redgum RGi120 integrated amplifier and it was really wonderful. Speed, drive, transparency and intoxicating musicality.

There was a significant gap in time between owning my Plinius and hearing the Redgum, but I'm pretty sure I prefer the RG.

They go for like $3k new, but they aren't well known and when they do surface used, they can be had for under a grand.

Perhaps your speakers are the reason for not providing the sound you want?

Also, do you have the 8200MKII or the earlier 8200 model?
Thanks for the responses.
I have the 8200MKII driving Epos ES 14.The speakers are clear and coherent thru the midrange, but limited at the frequency extremes.
I was wondering if one of the big Marantz integrateds like
the PM 11S2 or the KI pearl would be an improvement, or would they be more of the same?
OR should I head over to tubes?
Luxman L-505U