Integrated under 1K new/used

I am looking to go the integrated route. Presently running a Adcom GFP 565 and Adcom 5300 Amp. I am open to tube/SS options, Jolida, Portal Panache, Krell 300il are a few that spark my interest. Any others? I will be powering Monitor Audio S8's.Other associated gear is a Denon 2900, Musical Fidelity X10 V3 and Kimber 1010 and Nordost Red Dawn I/C's and Kimber 8TC Bi-wire Speaker cabling. As always, input would be appreciated.
YBA design (after audio refinement died) would be a good match for your Monitor Audios. Don't know if they can be had used yet. But, the price new is 1500 so I expect a used piece to be under 1000 dollars..
Panache is an excellent amp - I have not heard the Monitors - suggest you contact Joe Abrahms at Portal Audio and ask him if they are a good match. What music genre do you listen to?
Facten...Mostly rock at moderate levels and at times some acoustic music.
I am also interested in the Audio Refinement Complete but, is 50WPC enough to power my Monitor Audio S8's?
Have you looked at the Musical Fidelity A300 or A308? Both should be availabe for under 1000, and at 150 watts at 8 ohms and 240 watts at 4ohms they should be enough to drive your speakers which are quite efficient.
Chadburr, the Panche is strong across the board but especially in the mids so it would be very good with acoustic. I listen mostly to contemporary jazz which it is also very good with; the little bit of rock I listen to for my ears it is okay with. Will give you another suggestion, again I am not selling nor have any relationships here - might want to talk to Steve at Quest for Sound about Consonnance B2000X , it is an amp I still own really nice sound 100wpc listed but comes across more powerful, again to me