Integrated under 1k (hopefully 500) for Wharfedale Dentons & Snell

Trying to upgrade my system to better match some of new (to me) speakers. Interested in comparing the pros and cons of going vintage vs new(er) and where diminishing returns kick in based on my environment. Not opposed to used and do not really need a DAC as I have a Schiit Mimby. Listening at mostly low levels in a small room to a huge array of music, but mostly chamber, vocal, ambient, neo-classical, and some modernish pop. After a LOT of research I’m tending towards a few options:

  • Older/Cheaper (all between $150 and 350)

-NAD C740/C340/326BEE

-Rotel (like RA-02/931)

-new cheap Onkyo (9010 etc)

  • Newer/Not cheaper

-Jolida JD301 ($500)

-Arcam A19 ($600)

-Marantz 6005 ($400)

-Rega Brio-R ($550)

  • Big Stretch

-Hegel H80 ($900)

-Naim Nait 5i ($850)

-Krell 300i ($1100)

-Rogue Sphinx ($900)

-Moon 220i ($1000)

I know this seems so all over the map, just trying to decide what makes sense based on my speakers and listening preferences. Open to other thoughts as well. Thanks!
For my bedroom system, I power a pair of Denton 80th anniversary speakers with an NAD326BEE integrated and the combination works very well. Nicely balanced, warm sound. Recommended!
Gently used Cayin A50 would make magic with those speakers...
Thanks for all the responses so far- I guess I left out some vital information: I intend to keep the Snells long term, but the Wharfedale’s may not stick around as long. I’ve been finding their sound a little too unresolving for my taste. That said:
@stevecham: I’m worried the NAD may further complicate my concerns  about the Wharfdales. Too much warmth? 

@freediver: The Cayin looks like it’s a bit of a stretch, but thanks for the idea.

@donvito I‘m fairly ambivalent about Yamaha. Is there a particular model you’d recommend?

Overall, hoping to find an integrated amp that I can keep around while I audition other speakers in addition to those I already have. Perhaps my title was misleading and I should reframe in a new thread: Any neutral high performing integrated amps available for between $200-1000 that work with a wide array of speakers with sensitivity  ranging from 88db-95db?
The Anthem I225 Integrated amp would sound amazing. Onboard phono section. I've powered Paradigm Studio 100v2, 100v3 and Totem Forest Signatures. It punches above its weight class. A very clean presentation. Lots of Power at 225 watts into 8 ohms/310 into 4 ohms. I have one I'm not using. Contact me if interested. 


I wouldn't say too much warmth at all; just right.

Those Dentons arent really worth very much on the used market, better to keep them for a rainy day or a gift I would think.
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stevecham makes a good point. "Warmth" I believe is a subjective term and is dependent on the human ears, speaker pairing, and room acoustics. I can only add my opinion concerning NAD gear since I have experience with the brand.........

The C326BEE is a good choice. While power rating is nothing huge it still has the current to drive many speakers adequately. I believe the 326 is the only slightly older NAD line to retain it's model designation when their newest line came out. It is closest to the NAD 3020 (a vintage classic) than any others in that price range. The NAD amps a couple of steps up in power from the 326 don't sound quite as musical.

I have a trusted dealer and, while auditioning amps, he recommended the 326 although he had higher priced models. The C356BEE, while being more powerful, didn't sound quite as musical  as the 326. I settled on the C375BEE which sounded as good as the 326 but with a bit more power. It has the capability to add a phono and/or DAC module but I haven't added either to my system.

So, auditioning used/vintage stuff is difficult unless you have access to a dealer who carries used equipment. Good Luck.
Thank again everyone- the NAD (326) keeps coming up as a recommendation, and seems rather appealing considering the price. The S500/501-801 seems alright but I'm not sure I really need that much power.

I guess the decision will likely come down to whether I should commit to the NAD versus trying to score a deal on something higher end...
Music direct has the 326bee for $450 right now. Seems like a good deal.
I don’t think 50 wpc would allow all the possible combinations of future speakers to shine through but it should be enough for under $1k bookshelves to get an idea. After all some people drive the well regarded kef ls50 with 150-200wpc to get them opened up.

Sorry, but pete23 lost what your main objective is......get an amp that will well suit the speakers that you have. Other upgrades such as more powerful amps and different speakers is in the future if you want that?

Amp and speaker combinations are critical. When I first bought my NAD amp I used a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers that I had used with a previous HK integrated amp. Sounded OK. Those speakers weren't the "big box" model bought at Best Buy but their high end Reference line. I was disappointed with the sound.

I went back to my dealer and asked to audition some other bookshelf models with the amp I had. Funny thing...when I first bought the NAD amp I was listening to it thru a pair of PSB speakers at the dealer's showroom. I didn't know at the time that NAD and PSB are or were sister companies. So, there is some compatibility there. Whether NAD sounds even better with speakers of other brands....I don't know.

So, stay with what you want now and see if you want to go down the road to higher end equipment.
Well, if listening at low levels in a small room, a quality 50wpc amp well drive any honestly rated 6-8 ohm speaker having 85-90dB sensitivity. Pairing the right one to a particular speaker to suit one's preferences is the key.

I have owned the NAD 326BEE and like that one. If wanting something new and at reduced budget the Yahama A-s301 (~$350) is a good bet. 

Got it- I'm going to match with what I've got currently (likely a NAD, though I've ready a Rega or Naim would make a nice pairing as well), and find the best overall pairing once I've met my perfect match. Thanks all!
I use the Outlaw RR2150 with the Dentons in a bedroom system.  Nice combination.  Granted I don't do most of my listening with this system, but it does sound good and the Outlaw has done well with other Wharfedale speakers that I have had in the past (Diamond 8.1 and 9.1).  

Yamaha A-S801

sounds awesome with my Wharfedale diamond 10.7s and 220s. Sounded like I got new speakers when i put it in.