Integrated under $1000

Hello all,
I am in search of an integrated amplifier to drive my Vienna Mozart speakers. I have always used separates, but a move has necessitated a downsize. I am looking at Rotel RA 1070/1062, NAD 372/356bee, creek 5350, musical fidelity a3, etc. The Mozart’s present a 6 ohm load. Any others I should be considering? Any input would be appreciated. 
Thanks in advance
NAD 375BEE, have one and it's a powerhouse.
A good used Anthem I225 Integrated Amp would do the trick. 225 watts into 8ohms/310 into 4. Onboard phone section. I have one not being used in a second system. If your interested, send me a pm. 

Second the Anthem 225.  Rogue Sphinx if you are not tube adverse would have enough to push them.
Yamaha makes a new one around that price. 
I drove mine with a Bel Canto Int amp and the combo was simply fantastic. Fantastic! I had the s300 with usb input. I see one for sale here.  

Audiolab M-One or Quad Vena II...