Integrated tube vs. solid state for Martin Logans

I'm purchasing the Martin Logan Clarity speakers and the REL Strata III Subwoofer for a small room; 12 x 19. I already own a Linn LP-12 and a Krell 250 CD Player with balanced outputs that I've not yet used to their full extent; meaning the use of balanced outputs of Krell electronics with my Krell CD player.

I've heard that tubes work great with ML speakers, but I've already heard the Krell 400xi integrated with my krell cd player(200 watts)in this system - WOW!

If I go to a tube amp instead, I'd likely have to sell the krell 250-CD Player; not compatable. I've been e-mailing Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio, and he suggested that the Cary SLI-80 Integrated Tube amp might work well. We're still talking.

Looking for advice from experienced Audiogon listeners of Martin Logans with either tubes and/or solid state.

I had the Aerius I speaker for a while and found that they did not sound that great with tubes. Granted, I wasn't using a super expensive integrated. It was an antique sound labs that retails for 1200. Peronsally, if you can afford it, I would definitely try the new Krell. I've heard great things about it and think it would be provide the power the ML's are looking for. Just my opinion.
Kevin is very experience,ask for 30 days trial.Nothing
to loose.the Logans sound good with tubes, they
sound very very good.The amp are VTL.
tubes and stats are great together. i've listened to mine with both a VTL and VAC, both sounded excellent. blue circle audio voice their amps using logans.

kevin has a very good reputation...