integrated Tube C-J CAV50 for spendor Sp1/2 Sp100

Does C-J CAV-50 have enough power for spendor sp1/2 and
sp100? I have sp2/2, it is fine with CAV50.. But I am not sure. please help to give your suggestions~~~

If I need replace CAV50, My budget for amplifier:
(used tube amplifer int or seperated) ~$2000

speakers will be choosed from: proAC 2.5 or spendor sp1/2 sp100

I like tube sound and listen to classical music mostly and
some jazz. ~~~
It would have enuf power but, IMHO, the sound of the amp might be too soft for the bottom end of the Spendor 100. I would love to hear the Spendor 100 with one of the PrimaLuna integrated amps. The Prologue One is amazing for the price. It has a very smooth/detailed midrange and reasonably tight and powerful bass - I have one and I am amazed at what you can buy for $1095. This unit has some very definite other plus' - its only real down side is that its bare bones - no remote, no tape loop, and you can't seperate the pre amp and amp sections.