Integrated tube amps that have CJ CAV50 sound?

I am new to tubes and am not very familiar with all the players out there. I recently listened to the CJ CAV50 at a local dealer running Dynaudio Audience 122s. I was very impressed with the sound, I liked the warm midrange.
The problem is my budget is $3,000 for amp and speakers. Any suggestions for a lower priced tube integrated with a similar warm sound, I do not like overly analytical sound, but I also do not like a totally bloated sound either.
Thanks for any input.
I've listened to a few very good tube setups and the Rogue Magnum Tempest does very well (I own it now). I replaced the 12AX7's with some CV4004 Mullards and WOW. I'm sure you'll see the same responses on here if you search around the forums. Those Dynaudio's are great eh!
Buy used. A used CAV-50 will probably be $1500 to $1600.
Tough call... If the dealer is helping him out, it would be fair to buy from the dealer, but if it were me, I would at least ask for a discount.