Integrated tube amp with usb dac advice please

Hello, ive been a member for a long time and this is my first thread.  I am looking for some advice on a tube amp with onboard dac with usb in.  This will be my first trip into tubes.  So far ive looked at the caiyn and jolida.  The jolida will require a separate dac but looks like a good value.  Wanting to stay under 2k. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. DG
I would rather purchase the DAC separately from the preamp.
Considering how DAC technology is moving, buying an All-in-One, means you are stuck with possibly outdated tech-unless the manufacturer offers upgrades.
Thanks Bob... I agree with you.  Going that route also opens up many more possibilities. DG
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Yes, keeping the amp and DAC separate is a good idea. I've owned both Jolida and Cayin integrateds and both sound great, are well built and offer great value. The Cayin - A-50T MKII  at $1,600. plus a high quality, versatile DAC like the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 at $400 would come in right at your budget. Of course, there are dozens of other possible combinations, I'm basing this recommendation on my experience of owning both.
I agree with the idea of purchasing a separate DAC. How much of your budget should be allocated to the DAC depends...

How are you going to use the USB input?

What other sources are you going to use? 
I stream Amazon HD from my laptop 90% of the time.  Play cds the other 10%. I have a few turntables and lps but never use them so a phono preamp is not needed.  I have been looking at a Raven Nighthawk and love it but on the fence about it not using point to point wiring.  He does give 45 days to listen. 
As far as a dac i have never bought a stand alone.  My equipment now uses wolfson and AD dacs and they sound good to me.  
Ive narrowed it down to the Raven, jolida and Cayin... The Rogue Cronus is also nice but have noticed alot of used one on the market for half of new.  That can mean trouble.  Thanks for the input.  DG
One more thing.... I use two different sets of speakers.  Klipsch Forte 1 and JBL 590S. Once i get the new amp i will part with one set.  That will be a tough choice as they both sound great. DG
I didn't mention in my earlier post that the reason I sold the Cayin amp was that I bought a Raven Audio Blackhawk LE. It's a spectacular amp, considerably better than the two Cary tube amps and the Rogue Cronus I have owned. It's in a different league in terms of price, though. If you can stretch your budget to get a Raven amp I think you'd be set for a long time. In addition the personal attention from owner Dave Thomson is a real bonus.
Sfar.... Thank you for your input.  I have decided to try the Raven Nighthawk.  I watched all his videos and they seem like good folks to do business with. The new sub high pass feature looks very nice too.  Seems like everyone who buys his amps is happy.  Guess thats why there are so few used ones out there.  Thanks again to all who participated here.  I truly appreciate you.  DG