Integrated tube amp with tuner?

I'm doing some research for an integrated amp to match with a pair of vintage Klipsch Cornwalls. In the vintage category, I've been eyeing a Scott 299D, Eico HF-81 and in the new an Onix SP3 or a Jolida JD 302B. However I'd really like a tuner with the amp and the only model that I've gotten feedback on is a Fischer 500C. Any other tube amps with a tuner (older or new) that I should look into?

Basically a tube receiver is what I am looking for...
Look vintage. Tandberg,luxman,Fischer,Scott,Kenwood, and yes Macintosh and much more. I have seen some that just in the looks dept are just beautiful and I am sure can sound even more lovely. A friend of mine from many years sold a complete tube Fischer setup in place of ss was he later on very disapointed in ss sound, and this is from a guy that never cared about audio.
McIntosh 1700 (ss amp/pre + tube tuner) a couple for sale here for under $400

If you want all-tube, there's the Mac 1500 I believe.
I'd rather go all tube actually. Isn't the Mac 1500 an hybrid as well? I think the preamp is SS. Does that only affect the signal path if using the phono though? A CD player would be line level, right? So no need to go through the SS preamp?
The 1500 has a tube amp and tuner and an ss pre. An excellent combo actually, but it only has 30W/ch. The 1700 has 40W/ch and although the amp is ss, it has the famous Mac autoformer output transformers, which makes it a very listenable ss amp with a damping factor of 100 (vs. 10 for the 1500) better to control those woofers ;-)
Hi Killwhat,
Have you checked out "Mapleshade"? They sell some modified/reconditioned vintage tube receivers.
Phaelon, I will check them out. Thanks.

Nsgarch, The Cornwalls are so efficient (something like 98dB @ 1watt) so I think 30W are actually plenty of power especially in the small room I have them in.
The Cornwalls are so efficient (something like 98dB @ 1watt) so I think 30W are actually plenty of power especially in the small room I have them in.
It's not about how loud, it's about how clean (control overcoming the inertia of a big heavy cone.) If you keep the speaker cables under 8ft and a minimum of 14AWG, that should be OK.
Check out a Scott 340B. Mapleshade reconditions them or they show up here from time to time. I have one mated with a pair of Heresey's and the combination pleasantly suprises me. The 340 also has a decent phonostage as well as a tuner.
If you haven't picked up a tube receiver yet, I would check out a Fisher 500B or 500C; I have a 500B paired with my K-Horns and it sounds excellent from top to bottom. Suprisingly it is also a very quiet receiver which is important on high efficiency speakers. I actually had more tube noise out of my 6 month old tube integrated than I did with this 44 year old receiver.