Integrated Tube Amp Under $3k Used

Seeking a replacement for my old Marantz PM-68 Integrated. It would be paired with a VPI Classic 1, a Jolida JD9 (with upgrades, and Kef Q55s. I like the look of the Bravos and the Icon Audios, but haven't had a chance to audition either yet. Which other brands/models should I be looking for in that range? Preferably a demo or used model.
I should also mention I plan to upgrade to DeVore speakers in the future, just not sure which model yet.
Leben and Line Magnetic should be on your list of integrated contenders in view of your plan to upgrade to DeVore speakers. If you can afford separates, then an even better choice would be Shindo.
I have Vincent V-60 which I think it's terrific. Let me know if you have any questions, since I might be putting it up for sale.
I use a Cary SLI-80 F1 with a pair of DeVore Super 8's and it is a pretty sweet combination.