Integrated tube amp to drive Thiel CS2's

Hello everyone,

My Thiel CS2's have always been powered by solid state amp and pre, but now want to sub in an integrated tube amp. Presume running a tube power amp through my mid fi solid state pre would limit the benefit of such an amp. Budget is $5k. Thiel says 40W minimum power required hence this post. I need to know from those more knowledgeable than I how closely to adhere to the 40W minimum when considering a candidate.

The Prime Luna Dialogue Premium is interesting because it fits the price range, power seems to slightly rise above the Thiel minimum and has the auto biasing feature. I have never owned tube gear before and not sure I want to get into the tube biasing process, but maybe it is easier then I think.

Suggestions? Thanks to all!

Rogue Cronus Magnum II. 100wpc, KT120 tubes
+1 Rogue
Biasing is a piece of cake. It has built in biasing meters and is very easy to do!
another vote for 
Rogue Cronus Magnum II

I am a happy user of it.
Thanks! I will check it out...
Get you a Quicksilver set of monos, well within your budget. Email Quicksilver and ask him his opinion for your setup.
Fun part of it  is tube rolling.

If you change the input tube with NOS, the sound will change drastically.

Some NOS pair of tube cost more than 100 bucks, but there are good ones costing around 70 $ for pair.
I ditto the recommend on Rogue.  Had one with a pair of CS 3.5’s and everything was jake. 
Just reread your post and saw the integrated part of your needs, don't worry Quicksilver makes one of those too, check it out as well as the Rouge. Happy listening.
Thiel love power, why not a tube pre to pair with your ss amp?
Another +vote for Rogue Audio.
Line Magnetic LM-150ia

I am looking forward in reading more about your upgraded system over on the Thiel Owners thread here.   Happy Listening!

Line Magnetic 508ia would be perfect for your speakers. 48 watts of SET bliss.
Many thanks to all for comments, suggestions and recommendations.