Integrated Tube Amp for Spendor SP7/1 $1000

Planning to move my Spendor SP7/1 (Sensitivity 88dB, FR 60 Hz to 20kHz, 8 ohms) to a smaller room (13'x13) and looking to find a Tube Integrated Amp to drive them. The SP7/1 seem very easy to drive so something with an output at least 15W should be fine.

This is my first foray to tubes and budget is around $750 used. There are so many integrateds on eBay from China and suspect some are very good. Other than Jolida, any experienced based suggestions? Cayin, Prima Luna, Icon, etc.? Musical tastes strongly towards jazz (female) vocals and 70s rock (Steely Dan).
I would also look at some of the classic American tube integrated amps being offered by Mapleshade. They have been rebuilt by a very competent hand.
It is hard to go wrong with the Primaluna and Cayin integrateds. If you are patient and fast (when they appear) you can get a Primaluna Prologue One on AGon. I use one now as an alternative to my big Cayin which is outside of your price goal. It is dead simple to use and tube life is long. They are rugged - mine is one of the first year edition models and has never blipped. Not once. FWIW I use 6L6GC's in it in preference to the EL34's which it comes with but most folks like the EL34's. Lots of reviews out there on this as well. Resale is not a problem if you ever want more.
You could find a Fisher receiver that has been updated for well within your budget. Very good sound and an excellent value.
Stanwal - Thanks, nothing on their site but I will call them. Lived near Baltimore 10 years ago.

Newbie - I'd go for either, waiting for the right deal

Onhwy61 - Proably a smart choice and like vintage audio but want something that looks like the Cayin