Integrated tube amp for 91db open baffle speakers

Currently considering:

Cary SLI-80
Audio Space Galaxy 88
Cayin A88T
Melody I880

Preferences and/or something else I should consider
My vote is for the Cary SLI-80 but you must get the Signature version. What an amp for the money. I had to sell mine cuz my 2 year old son burned his finger the other day. I have not heard the other 3 you had mentioned.
Add the Rogue Audio Tempest II Magnum and the Cronus Magnum to your list.Both are simply outstanding units.Try to audition them if at all possible.
i think the Audio Note Soro SE (18 robust wpc) is the best deal I ever got in audio at around $1500.00

Another good buy is the Manley Stingray which is even more robust
The PrimaLuna PL2 has performed above its' weight-class.My Gallos are 90db/9 ohm and sound wonderful.This unit has also run my 90db/6 ohm OB DIYs with great success.
Thanks, The PrimaLuna line looks like one I should add to my list.

The Audio Note at 18wpc is only half of what the speaker designer recommends, and both the Rogues and Manley don't pass the WAF

I tried to buy Nickt's SLI-80, but someone beat me to it :(
I auditioned both the Cary SLI-80 and the Cayin A88T.
System - Spendor S6E, Classe CA-101 amp, Quicksilver Remote PReamp, Arcam CD-36 player and all Audience au24 cabling.

Cary had more flesh on the bones, more detail, bigger soundstage and to me was more musical.
A88T is a nice unit - sounded better as a stand alone amp, very airy, nice seperation of instruments, but to me was a bit thin, could get edgy on female vocals and treble.

It was a struggle bringing the Cary back to the dealer, not so much with the Cayin.
R Burke: Had you decided on your integrated yet??My experimenting with the PL2 tubes has concluded.I find the PL labeled KT-88 are a hard act to beat.Shuguang 12ax and the French military 12au (Mazda) complete the front-end.Articulate and capable of conveying bass/weight,while still being open and "airy".Finding the Shuguangs may be difficult,as I understand the G8/9 triple-micas are out of production.Maybe someone can suggest a substitute.