integrated tube amp for $1000.00 clams

men- A friend is looking for a good integrated amp to mate with his ruthlessly revealing (his desciption) Paradigm studio/ 100 for vinyl consumption. He is obviously looking for something warm and foregiving. thanks. mike
There isn't one! Certainly not with a phono stage included. MAYBE, you could find a SF Anthem (not sure about phono) used for under $1k, and this is still a hybrid. The Jolida has limited inputs and no phono.
Warm and forgiving sounds like a Jolida 302B to me. The amp sounds GREAT with EL34 tubes(that is when you replace them with JJ or Svetlanas), and a nice power cord. Then, pick up an external phono stage(Musical Fidelity, NAD, or better). If both are obtained used, $1000 is no problem.
The Musical Fidelity X-LPS phono stage is on sale at Audio Advisor for $199.95 new. It is an updated version of the X-LP that was well reviewed. I would hope that it is at least as good.
Don't miss past threads on this very topic, there have been some good discussions. Type in "integrated" in the "search headlines" box and check it out. Good luck.
well,as everybody knows, a clam is a bi-valve, and 2 thousand valves, well, even the chinese prison labor inc. can't do that; suggest you look for a good used tretubi like a basso or pinarello, you just can't beat the sound of cromalloy that's been triple butted.
Find a used Conrad Johnson SA150.
The Conrad Johnson integrated may be the CAV-50. Sorry.
Definitely in your friend's price range even brand new is a AMC CVT-3030 EL-34 Tubed Integrated Amplifier. Even has PHONO !!! List price is $1,000. Northampton Audio has a demo on their web site for $599.
passion audio i11, is $1100 and really it does a number on any up to double it's price. It completely embaressed my audio refinement complete. check out, or talk to jamal at don't bother with jolida and that other cheap stuff. you will still need an outboard phono. this amp will scare you.
Hmmmmm... Well I think some of the logic is faulty, since I do not find the Paradigm studio/ 100 to be revealing at all. What good electronics reveal to me about that speaker is how poor a transducer it is. So, I'd recommend finding better speakers and matching the electronics to it. The best suggestion other than that is to go search prior thread where integrateds were discussed. As a scientist, I find Kitch29's post quite funny!
Antique Sound Lab is an interesting possibility. Chinese made, they offer 4 amps between $600 and $1100, and on up to $3000. Check, which distributes several pretty good products. I don't have experience with them, but saw/heard at a show. Audion (British) makes the ETSE, a 12 watt single-ended with one EL34 per channel, and a volume control. I have one, and it's really excellent. Single ended vitality, well extended, but slightly soft...Check
I have seen a couple of Kora Design 30s for sale recently. Not sure if phono is included.