Integrated Tube Amp Demo

I am beginning the process of an in-home trial of integrated tube amplifiers. Currently plan to compare the Cary SLI-80HS, Raven Blackhawk MK3, PrimaLuna EVO 300, and Rogers EFI-100 MK2. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations of additional comparable integrated tube amps that would reasonably fit into this group?

Any candidates MUST have a supplier that will allow return of the amp after an in-home tryout. For example, I would like to try the Jadis Orchestra Black but cannot find any supplier that allows for return after an in-home trial. 

Not sure it's relevant in this case, but system is Melco N1A Server - Benchmark DAC (digital), VPI Classic 3 - Herron VTPH-1 MC Plus (analog), Bowers&Wilkens 805 D3 Speakers - REL Subwoofer.

Thanks in advance for all of your input.

Does Upscale allow returns on the Pathos amps?
My only recommendation is to hold the Raven for last. From what I hear you will not want to send it back. Especially after looking at that turd of a Rogers. And that's coming from me, probably the least concerned with looks of any audiophile you will ever meet. But that Rogers has got to be the ugliest turd ever. I mean seriously. Its like a bad accident. I can't stop looking at it. Make it go away!!
Check out Linear Tube Audio. Might not be as good of a match as the Raven or Primaluna with the B&Ws tho. The B&Ws are on the crispier side of the spectrum and the Primaluna or Raven would be a wonderful pairing. That being said if you are looking for very revealing detailed sound, leaning ever so slightly towards the solid state spectrum the LTA is where to go. I have an LTA UltraLinear Integrated paired with my Moab’s and it’s wonderful.  I tried Primaluna and also Lyngdorf with my Moab’s. The Lyngdorf was revealing but a little bright. The Primaluna was amazingly fun but a tad too much syrup I felt for my speakers. The LTA had best of both worlds. But my Tektons are definitely darker than B&Ws.   As a wildcard check out Thomas’s review of the Willenston R8 Chinese Tube Integrated. Only $1,000 and supposed to be great. But you’d need to check on a return policy which it might not have. 
@twoleftears  +1 on the Pathos line. I'd call Upscale and see what they can do.