Integrated to replace krell 300i

I'm looking for an integrated amp for about $1500 used. My current system is:

PMC FB1 90db transmission line floor standers
Krell kav 300i
Arcam CD72t
Z squared copperline interconnects
transparent musicwave speaker cable

I'm finding this combo to be quite brite and hard to listen to for extended sessions. I'd like to consider tubes but I want something that will be user friendly. I'd also like to have an HT pass through option as well as a decent phono stage for the future. These aren't really deal breakers but it would be nice.
I'm looking for something with warmth and detail as well as a large soundstage. I listen to a lot of guitar based music, acoustic and rock, as well as instrumental and blues, and lots of live recordings. My room is 12x16 with an 8' ceiling and hardwood flooring. I will also be playing around with the room acoustics but I still don't think that I can get what I am looking for out of the Krell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
For a better idea of the room, here is a link to my virtual system.
After looking at your system I'm wondering if some room treatment might help tame your system. I didn't read all comments but am surprised this wasn't mentioned. When I posted my system I reveived many helpful comments concerning room treatment.
Save yourself a lot of time, money and agony and do the room treatment thing as Timrhu suggests. All those bare walls, glass doors etc. Yes, brightness is something that would probably be a good description.
Don't change any components until you deal with the room. If you then decide you have to change something have a ball, but from where you'd be starting today, I doubt anything would really sound good in that room, and when you do deal with the room, whetever you'd get would probably not sound so good.
My suggestion - - send a diagram of the room and they'll help you at no charge.
I like the views from your window. Coming back to hifi. I don't have much experience but what I would do is:
1. Put some carpet between the speakers and you.
2. Remove the picture frame behind you.
3. Pull the curtain shut.

If there are improvement, then the room has a lot to answer for your brightness and go further from there. My 2 cts.
I also believe that your amp is not bright.
Either room tweaks or changing the speakers would do the trick.
I hooked up this one through my setup and It was a very pleasant sound that would show no signs of fatigue.
There is a lot of solid advice above which I toally agree with. I owned a KAV300 breifly which was not bright but IMO, very sterile and unemotional sounding in my system. It unfortunately just left me cold.

I would advise the room tweeks and going for a tube integrated amp. Cary, Jolida, Prima Luna, or even Manley.

Good luck

Plinius (8200/9200) or Mcintsosh (6500) may be what you are looking for. Both have decent phono and HT bypass. May give up a little speed/slam to the Krell, but fits your description.

For less money, Jungson and Consonance also make excellent solid-state or hybrid integrateds- but don't have as many features as Plinius or Mcintosh.

There are a lot decent tube integrateds out there (Antique Sound Labs, Primaluna, Jolida, Rogue, etc)- that may or may not work with your speakers. Also, tubes may give you a larger soundstage, but are not necessarily smoother or less bright than good solid-state, especially at higher volumes.
Thanks for all the responses. I had a feeling the room was a big part of the problem. I think that Chris described the krell better than me, sterile, unemotional and cold. I'm not really sure where to start with the room treatments. I've thought of putting a rug on the floor but also maybe something on the wall behind the system?
I had the Krell 300i for a short time. The excellent bass response was the only thing I found positive about it. I thought it had a hard clinical sound bordering on brittle at times. All sound-no music. I replaced it with an Anthem Amp 2 integrated using premium Amperex 6922's in the front end and found music again at less cost.
If you want to know where to start with room treatments, 1) go to one of these sites and look at amount of information available

Go to your local pro audio store with pictures of your room and they can also usually give some good advice.

standard tricks - 1st reflection point - sit in your normal listening position, have a friend take a mirror and walk along the wall until you see the speakers reflected in the mirror - put sound deadening there - same works for the ceiling (and the floor) too if you're feeling sporty.

doing a live end / dead end also works well to tame standing waves.
I agree with Chris’s comment regarding krell sounding sterile.

DIY acoustic info for under $100
Jon Risch’s website inexpensive diy acoustics from under the tweakers/diy asylum.

If you like arcam cd have you auditioned the arcam a32. I’m sure you could find it used on the internet. Another possible solution might be the bat 300 integrated with a phono section.
you must check out the musical fidelity tri vista integrated amp. i've owned just about every integrated out there, and the tri vista integrated is truly exceptional. a rare combination of power and finesse - i used my old one in a room the same size as yours, and it was magical. i just saw one on sale on the 'gon for $2900, which is an absolute steal.