Integrated to pair with Klipsch RF7 speakers

I'm looking for an integrated amp that would match with my RF7 speakers. Budget is $2000. Does anybody have/had the RF7s and can recommend an integrated? TIA
If you are looking at a pure analog integrated amp, may I suggest the Yamaha A-S1100($1600.00 to $1900.00) if you can find one NOS or refurbished/open box? I took my A-S1000 over to a buddies to demo with his RF-7IIs and RF-7IIIs and the combination was wonderful. Plenty of bass drive with it’s 90w/ch, 150w/ch and a very natural/neutral presentation from top to bottom. The room was an open plan(family room/kitchen/dining) and the Yamaha had no issues with dynamics and filled the room very well.

I was able to drive RF7IIIs to very high volume levels in a fairly large room with a 12W/channel Kingko Audio KA101 Pro tube integrated amplifier. Even a 300B SET amp (~8W) worked nicely.
The Klipsch forum members suggest a powerful amp for the RF7s. I think that is good advice, some Klipsch models are not as efficient as their specs would suggest.