Integrated to match Von Schweikert VR-2

I'm a total neophyte with Von Schweikert VR-2s currently using NAD C541i and C320 BEE,looking to upgrade. Any thoughts on an integrated compatible with VR-2s? I'm looking to spend not more than $1500 and thinking of a Portal Panache demo. Thanks in advance to any responders.
look at a bv audio demo a300s or a blue circle cs integrated or if you want to go tubes cayin ta 30. forgot about the music hall black mambo.
I have heard the Aronov LS960I integrated amp drive your VR-2's with excellent results. For $1150 to $1350, here on Audiogon, an unusually solid build quality, elegant retro styling, and musical, accurate, sound quality. Has an ability to elicit the best possible bass, even though tubed.
There is no built-in remote control, and the dual mono volume controls are not always intuitive for an audiophile's other household members. Aside from those points, easy to recommend.
I used a McIntosh MA 6900 to drive the VR2's with splendid results. A used one is still more than you want to spend but the MA 6500 is in your price range. I would think the NAD you have would do the job--are you sure you might not want to consider a source change instead?
Thanks for the responses - that (a source) may be what I need. I was noticing that some CDs have some jagged high end and others sound compressed and flat. I think the VR2s aren't particularly warm and fuzzy, I think I want to hear more depth, definition, and nuance (like who doesn't?). I thought the amp might give me more of those qualities - you're suggesting an upgraded source would be a better approach?
Buzz about the Jungson 88D integrated is pretty amazing. 80 watts Class A, and retails for $1499. Balanced design. Might be worth checking out before you make a purchase. Do a search for "Jungson" here on Audiogon.
I'm running my VR2s with a vintage EICO all tube amp and the new Rotel 1072 cdp. It all took forever to break-in but is very musical now.